Scene News: Perth’s Ormsby Guitars Welcomes Guitar Virtuoso Rusty Cooley

Ormsby Guitars, a pioneer in multiscale electric guitars, welcomes guitar virtuoso Rusty Cooley to its family of artists.

Cooley is always pushing the boundaries of what the guitar can do, and he needs an instrument that can keep up with his creativity and technique. “A good friend of mine turned me on to Ormsby guitars and I was immediately intrigued,” Cooley says. “The guitar played great and had a very cutting-edge and innovative look. After speaking with Perry I knew this was the right move for me. Finally a guitar builder with the vision to go where no-one else has ever been, and the balls to do it!”

“Rusty and I are on the same wavelength when it comes to pushing the boundaries of guitar design,” luthier Perry Ormsby says. “When we began designing Rusty’s new guitar, we spent hours on Skype discussing everything from upper fret access to headstock shape to the perfect control location, to shared inspirations like Randy Rhoads. This is an instrument that really captures the excitement and passion of both playing and making guitars.” [pullquote]“I’ve always likened my guitars to high-performance cars like a Lamborghini, but what we’re working with now is clearly alien technology,” Cooley says.[/pullquote] A Rusty Cooley signature model electric guitar is in the works which not only meets Rusty’s demand for the ultimate in upper fret access; it exceeds it by providing completely unrestricted access all the way up to the 27th fret. This 7-string instrument features 26.5” to 27.5” multiscale, Floyd Rose Pro 7 vibrato, partially-scalloped frets, glow-in-the-dark fretboard inlays and a unique Ormsby-designed, angled locking nut.

About Ormsby Guitars

Founded by luthier Perry Ormsby in Perth, Western Australia, Ormsby Guitars makes multiscale and standard-scale instruments in their Custom Shop as well as offering the GTR series crafted at the World Musical Instruments facility in South Korea. Ormsby artists include Dino Cazares, Psycroptic’s Joseph Haley, Richie Allan of Heavy Metal Ninjas and Kora, Hollow World’s Theo Goslett and Michael Truscott, Ando San Washington of Incipience, Graham Greene, Sophie Burrell of Saints of Sin, Clint Tustin of Carousel Kings, Brian Moore of The Browning and many more.


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