Scene News: Perth’s ORMSBY GUITARS Welcomes Metal Icon DINO CAZARES

Ormsby Guitars, a pioneer in multiscale electric guitars, announces the addition of legendary metal guitarist Dino Cazares to its family of artists.

You know Dino from Fear Factory, Asesino, Divine Heresy and Brujeria, and from posessing one of the fastest and most precise picking hands in metal history. Dino requires a guitar that can keep up with his ferocious picking without losing his distinctive clarity and wallop. A Dino Cazares signature model is in the works which will be available in production GTR and handmade Australian Custom Shop versions.

“I’m proud to be a part of a innovative company that’s not afraid of pushing the boundaries in multiscale and standard scale guitar craftsmanship,” Dino says. “I look forward to the seeing our collaboration takes us and offering it to the world. The future is ours!”

“I’m a longtime fan of Dino,” luthier Perry Ormsby says. “We hit it off as friends a few NAMMs ago and we’ve kept in touch. Eventually we realised we were really on the same page in terms of the evolution of guitar design and technology.”

Dino Cazares’ signature Ormsby model is in development for a 2019 release.

About Ormsby Guitars

Founded by luthier Perry Ormsby in Perth, Western Australia, Ormsby Guitars makes multiscale and standard-scale instruments in their Custom Shop as well as offering the GTR series crafted at the World Musical Instruments facility in South Korea. Ormsby artists include Rusty Cooley, Psycroptic’s Joseph Haley, Richie Allan of Heavy Metal Ninjas and Kora, Hollow World’s Theo Goslett and Michael Truscott, Ando San Washington of Incipience, Graham Greene, Sophie Burrell of Saints of Sin, Clint Tustin of Carousel Kings, Brian Moore of The Browning and many more.


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