Scene News: Painters And Dockers at Max Watts, Melbourne, Friday 8th February 2019

Celebrating the 30th Anniversary of ‘Kiss My Art’

Max Watts, Melbourne, Friday 8th February 2019


Early 2019 will see iconic local punk band THE PAINTERS DOCKERS celebrate the 30th anniversary of their classic and highest selling album, KISS MY ART.

The band were due to do this in 2018 but a serious head injury saw singer Paulie Stewart hospitalised and unable to perform.

“Things looked pretty bad there for a while as I had bleeding on the brain. Three times they were wheeling me in for an emergency operation, only to call it off at the last minute for fear of complications”. “I’ve had to wait but the good news is I am fully operational and can’t wait to Dock again,’’ he said. “Doing live shows with the Dockers is definitely the best medicine you can have.’’

The Painters And Dockers, who recently hosted RAGE and also appeared in the CLASSIC COUNTDOWN series, will perform February 8th 2019 at Max Watts, Melbourne, to mark the 30th anniversary of KISS MY ART. This classic album included their highest charting singles NUDE SCHOOL and DIE YUPPIE DIE. Also appearing on the bill will be disco funksters The Sugar Fed Leopards, Batz and The Desolettes. The Dockers will be doing many songs off KISS MY ART and other favourites, including the new single, HOLIDAY ON ICE.

“There are also a number of special surprise guests taking part. Trombone player, Sonja Parkinson has returned to the Dockers line-up” said long-time vocalist and ‘Brasshole’, Dave Pace.

“We actually did a very special show recently in Hobart for a fan of ours that was not travelling too well. It ended up being a fantastic gig with Paulie back in fine form and even the ex-Premier of Tasmania getting up on stage in a pig suit during NUDE SCHOOL”

Painters And Dockers; The Movie.

Tickets are on sale now!