Scene News: New video from Dave Warner’s from the Suburbs – Snapchat

Snapchat is rude, profane, relevant and catchy as the clap in an Amsterdam love in.  Dave Warner formed Australia’s first punk band Pus way back in 1972, and with songs like Girls Wank shoved his finger in the face of the stale, banal fare being churned out by the record companies and commercial radio.  Now in the spirit of The Fugs and Frank Zappa. Dave Warner’s from the Suburbs are back: Snapchat.

Vocals: Dave Warner
Guitars: Martin Cilia
Mellotron & Stylophone: Jim Moginie
Bass: Greg Macainsh
Organ: John Dennison
Backing vocals: Dave Warner, Nicole binet, Tony Durant
Percussion: Martin Cilia
Drums: Lloyd G