Scene News: New album from Stephen Cummings – Bloodlines

From The Sports to a remarkable solo career, Stephen Cummings is one of Australia’s most loved and respected singers and songwriters. February 2019 sees the Bloodlines release of Stephen’s 20th solo album, Prisoner Of Love. It’s Stephen’s first album in five years.

“Long ago, I worked out I was good at dealing with the perpetual confusion between the sexes, and I haven’t strayed too far from this,” Stephen says, explaining the Prisoner Of Love title. “Basically, for every step forward there is a step backward and sideways too.”

Stephen made Prisoner Of Love with The Ferrets’ Billy Miller. “I couldn’t have made the album without him,” Stephen notes. A Mushroom contemporary from the late ’70s, Billy also produced Stephen’s 2009 album Tickety Boo and 2012’s Reverse Psychology.

“It follows the others in the way that we always have fun when we work,” Billy says. “I reckon a sense of humour in pop songs separates the good from the great. It sets the scene, so that when (for instance) he might say, ‘Why don’t you try some backwards mandolin between the verses’ (‘Don’t Break Up With Me’), he doesn’t get from me the usual frosty silence from a humourless engineer that is common in most big studios.”

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