Scene News: New album from Cilla Jane

Cilla Jane writes and sings about the big stuff – life, death, beauty, sex, loss, hell and violence. With a highly personalised approach to writing, Cilla Jane’s songs come from a bed of distress and there is a genuine sadness surrounding her examination of these key themes.

On Cilla Jane’s album Happy Hour there are eight astonishing songs. The artist explains the essence of each one.

JUDAS – Power, betrayal, incarceration and a dark hypocrisy.

RUSSIAN ROULETTE -The damaging cycles that occur due to what we are exposed to.

HAPPY HOUR – My imagined impending death mingled with an elated happy hour. I probably collected some phrasing ideas and energy from Leonard Cohen’s ‘Closing Time’.

FREIGHT TRACK – Total frustration and anger that resulted in a subconscious purge in an inebriated state. (And I caught a ball of energy from Bill Withers).

LOSING YOU – The loss of home and family with a delayed understanding.

ICE AGE – As above (And I caught a ball of energy from Robert Plant, well…. I like to think I did).

RUN TO ME – I feel both power and vulnerability when I sing this. The music and melody came from an emotional response to something. I think my power came from singing the lyric that was a male driven narrative.

DREAMER – A fierce wrath from my muses (with a reminder from Otis Redding that sexuality must be present in all songs).