Scene News: Natural Born Hippies wants us all to be together under the sun!

Natural Born Hippies wants us all to be together under the sun!

The song “Mandela Under The Sun”, written by the Danish band Natural Born Hippies, has been chosen to be the official support song for the Mandela family’s charity brand “Long Walk to Freedom” as well as all brands and projects herein.

After years of musical silence Natural Born Hippies has now as ambassadors for the ”Long Walk to Freedom Library Project” written a song to help fund the building of school libraries in South Africa and thus enters the line of international stars such as U2, Simple Minds, Santana, Tracy Chapman and many more who have celebrated Nelson Mandela through music!

Many will remember the Natural Born Hippies from the early 2000’s where the band had great success all over Europe with the songs ”Lola (if you ever)”, ”Am I Not Sweet” and ”In Your Dreams”. The band went into Power-rotation on both MTV and the German music channel VIVA and played TOP OF THE POPS as well as the renowned Italian TV show Roxy Bar.

The single went straight into the Danish Viral Spotify chart at number two only surpassed by Drake and perhaps the success can be repeated after almost 20 years, as their new single is already being played on radios in Germany, Denmark, Norway, England and South Africa. There has been a lot of interest in the project and therefore the band was given the opportunity to play the new song live on Danish national TV’s morning program “Go ‘Morgen Danmark” on the actual release date. In addition, the band was featured in 18:30 news on National TV as well and the story has also been covered in several Danish newspapers and websites.

The contributors to the song, released July 18, 2018, are Natural Born Hippies and the Soweto Gospel Choir, and there are plans for more releases of the song in both international and national versions where different artists will be invited to participate.

“It is music and dancing that make me at peace with the world.” Nelson Mandela