Scene News: Metal Forces Feat. Ross The Boss, Anvil & The Rods Australian Tour – March 2024


Ross The Boss, Anvil & The Rods
Australian Tour – March 2024


Three greats of Heavy Metal are joining together for Metal Forces, a spectacular celebration of balls to the wall rock next March! Featuring Ross “The Boss” FriedmanAnvil and 
The Rods, this is one tour you definitely do not want to miss!

American metal and punk legend Ross The Boss, co-founder of one of the most iconic metal band’s in history, Manowar first made a name for himself in punk icons, The Dictators and then Shakin’ Street who opened for Black Sabbath on their Heaven And Hell tour way back in the day. It was on this fateful tour when the one and only Ronnie James Dio introduced Ross to Joey DeMaio. Ross and Joey soon formed the ultimate heavy metal act, Manowar!

Responsible for defining the sword and sorcery of this style of metal, Manowar spawned a sub genre all their own which continues to give birth to bands following the ‘true path’ to this day. 
There have been many imitators but Manowar will forever remain the original and best.

Ross spent 8 years with Manowar, co-writing and performing on six studio albums, Battle Hymns, Into Glory Ride, Hail To England, Sign of the Hammer, Fighting The World & Kings of Metal  and the bands unbelievably loyal cult following consider Ross to be the bands definitive guitarist.

Ross started his musical career in 1973 forming the legendary NYC punk band, The Dictators before creating Manowar. After his tenure there he reformed The Dictators under the name Manitoba’s Wild Kingdom, which bridged the gap between punk and metal. Ross had a stint in The Brain Surgeons, a project created by members of Blue Oyster Cult in the mid 2000’s and formed the Ross The Boss band soon after which released two critically acclaimed albums. He also formed Death Dealer, a metal supergroup featuring members of Cage, Halford and Dungeon which saw him back in front of metal audiences the world over.

Enter, Anvil

Formed in 1978, Canada’s Anvil are one of the most influence and iconic heavy metal bands ever!

The Big 4 – MetallicaMegadethSlayer and Anthrax simply would not exist without them! After 40+ years in the music industry, touring the world in sold-out venues, and garnering critically acclaim for Anvil! The Story Of Anvil – the number #1 music documentary on every Metalheads bookshelf, Anvil belong to that elite level of Founding Fathers.

Their merciless riff attacks, relentlessly pounding drums and driving bass grooves, complemented by vocal melodies and lyrics that inevitably drill themselves into the listener’s aural tract as the very foundation of the metal blueprint. With 19 albums under their collective bullet belts, their latest being 2022’s Impact Is Imminent, Anvil show absolutely no signs of slowing down!

As always, Lips Kudlow and founding member and drummer Robb Reiner, are at the epicentre of this heavy metal extravaganza. For the past nine years, they have been supported by bassist Chris Robertson, who not only complements the ANVIL fold on a personal level, but also enhances the tracks with his powerful low frequency bass parts and backing vocals.

And finally, The Rods

The Rods are one of the leading American Metal bands to make a distinct impression in Europe in the early 80s. Often called America’s Motörhead, The Rods are a hard hitting trio led by guitarist David ‘Rock’ Feinstein, a cousin of Ronnie James Dio. Feinstein had played with his famous relative and recorded with him in Ronnie Dio and the Prophets as well as the pre Rainbow outfits The Electric Elves and Elf in the early 70s.

After a short break he was lured back to his guitar after he jammed with drummer Carl Canedy and bassist Joey DeMaio (later to from Manowar) in a short-lived group called David Feinstein’s Thunder. In 1979 The Rods were officially born and five albums were released over the next three decades. In 2011 they released their sixth studio album, Vengeance, which included a guest appearance from Dio and in 2019 The Rods latest album, Brotherhood of Metal, was released.

The Rods no-frills attack has earned them a dedicated cult following that has endured to this day. Initial albums, 1981’s The Rods and 1982’s Wild Dogs are named checked as essential listening for any self respecting metal head.


With this impeccable line up on heavy metal heroes, there is only one place to be if you follow the true metal path!

DO NOT miss these shows!!

Wed, March 6: The Gov, Adelaide

Thurs, March 7: The Zoo, Brisbane

Fri, March 8: Manning Bar, Sydney

Sat, March 9: Northcote Theatre, Melbourne

Above: Ross The Boss (Ross on left)
Above: Anvil
Above: The Rods