Scene News: Maya launches What After Now at the Toff In Town

Compelling future-soul vocalist, MAYA has today announced her thought-provoking new single, What After Now, an earnest pledge to live in each passing moment. Accompanying the track is an empowering, triumphant video that commands attention with its effortless cool, thanks to director Dayne Edward.  To celebrate the chic release, MAYA will be performing across Melbourne at The Toff In Town on April 25.

What After Now is the result of an already-accomplished artist willing to test, track and expand their own creative process, and explore the complex array of motives that stir and propel society in every which way.  MAYA comments on her generation’s obsession with what is to follow the now from a position of youth, yet with a maturity and reason well beyond her years.  The track itself is a powerful, driving, irresistible jam, overflowing with attitude and evoking influences such as Hiatus Kaiyote, Solange and Alicia Keys.  What After Now is about living in the moment, loving who you are and being who you love,” MAYA warmly enthuses, “It was inspired by all the times I have been challenged by my future, but have just tried to enjoy the present.  I wanted people to remember that our future may be unknown and daunting, but if you can just get through each second in the now you don’t have to worry about what’s to come.  It is inspired by everyone around me and the way the new generations are always trying to be somewhere else.”

The clip for What After Now can only be described as celebratory; rejoicing in the undeniable strength that women possess.  It is simple and compelling, boasting an international feel with its glamorous chic, yet balanced perfectly with MAYA’s radiance, inner beauty and charm.  The video sees MAYA and her sisters lounge luxuriously, projecting infinite wisdom and owning the message the song portrays with courage and pride.  “The video clip was inspired by my childhood love of dressing up.  When I was a kid I was never happy in my own skin, so I would dress up to make myself feel like a different person,” explains Maya. “ I asked my beautiful sisters to join me as I want to create imagery that entrances people.  I want people to hear the lyrics and understand the meaning while also having fun with it.  Dayne found a way to capture us all looking so alike yet so different at the same time, which I thought was a beautiful metaphor for humanity.”

In light of the release, MAYA is thrilled to be able to spread the message of What After Now live to audiences across Melbourne, saying “Performing is my favourite aspect of all.  I love to use projections, dancers and art to bring each show to an original light.  I will always try and speak to my audience in a new way each time, sharing not just my story but my soul.” 

MAYA fortifies her sound with elements of 90s hip-hop, jazz, soul and something else you haven’t heard before.  What After Now takes you on an emotional journey into the self, but keeps you grooving the whole way down.  

What After Now is out now. Grab your copy here! 



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