Scene News: To Kill A Hummingbird

On Wednesday May 2nd, a new entertainment venue located downstairs at Newmarket Hotel in St Kilda called The Hummingbird opened its doors, hosting a VIP Launch Night. It was a spectacular social event and a bold and beautiful beginning with an opening address by the Minister for Creative Industries and Local Member Martin Foley.


Two days later, just before the second regularly scheduled show, the venue was closed due to a small tire, which luckily caused no damage or injury to stati or patrons.


On Tuesday May 8th, The Hummingbird was served with a cease and desist notice to stop using its venue name by lawyers for Bird’s Basement Pty Ltd, owned by property developer Mr  Albert Dadon.  The letter states that Bird’s Basement is the only jazz venue in Australia that can claim rights to use the word “bird” in relation to the operation of a venue for the performance of jazz music and related entertainment services.


Venue co-founder Heather Para said, “We are not in fact a jazz venue, but rather an entertainment venue of varied genres. However having booked the artists alongside Mr Dadon at Birds Basement for two years I can now understand how this may have been misconstrued. We are agreeable to changing the name on this basis to alleviate his concerns and assure that we have no wish for our venue to be confused with Bird’s Basement.


“So atier our baptism by tire, this week brought us the cease and desist Intellectual Property claim to consider.


“Creating this venue is a labour of love and we consider this new challenge another milestone and won’t be thrown oti course. Whilst to an extent we are tiatiered by the atiention, we don’t wish to be distracted when we are on a clear path to success, so we are making the changes immediately and humbly apologise to anyone who may have been confused by our name.


“We guarantee that everything else including our delicious food, promise of friendly service, excellent entertainment and the creature comforts that our patrons have already enjoyed will remain unchanged.  We will continue to be the venue with a commitment to integrity and a big heart and we look forward to welcoming many more friends to our community.”


Ladies and Gentlemen, The Hummingbird has been set free!


When considering a new name, we were advised to stay away from the entire avian species so with that consideration in mind we have selected a new name that we love – a name that burns bright in our hearts, lights up the night and ignites our imaginations.


See you at our newly christened room,  The Fyrefly, downstairs at Newmarket Hotel, St Kilda.

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