Scene News: Katy Christie at The Butterfly Club

7th – 9th December 2017

She’s Gonna Blow!

Brand new show from Katy Christie that will leave you gasping for breath.

Katy is heavily pregnant, red-headed, plays the French horn, stupidly
short, and with all the odds stacked against her… she’s putting on a show.
New to Australia from the U.K., there’s no time like the present to make
your mark, even if that mark is an actual baby.

Katy Christie, thirty-something, is a classically trained French horn
player who got seduced by the art of Cabaret in the backstreets of the
underground London scene. She has never looked back. “She’s Gonna Blow!”
takes you through the world that Katy has carved out of jazz French horn,
jazz singing, a smattering of musical theatre with twists and turns and
bumps, in this case a pretty big bump, all wrapped up in a sea of costume
changes, glamour and smut. Even pregnant women can be smutty… This show
displays the determination of a woman at her peak of vulnerability. With a
slight scent of desperation.

Now living in Melbourne and banned from flying away from it, she is ready
to share the joys of being a pregnant, short, red-headed,
French-horn-playing, jazz-singing newcomer to Australia with an entirely
new audience. There is something for everyone in this show with songs in
keeping with her pregnancy theme such as “Defying Gravity”, “Under My
Skin”, “I’m Tired” and a Judy Garland medley. Ever wondered what a pregnant
Judy looked like? Wonder no more.

Katy has previously performed her shows in London, winning a following in
particular at The Pheasantry in Chelsea and at Jazz Soho with her quick
banter and vocal interpretations of classic songs. As a horn player she has
played with the London Symphony Orchestra among many others, and played on
various film sound tracks, such as Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone,
Lord of the Rings, and Alien Covenant.

Pianist Rainer Pollard will accompany Katy to deliver three one-hour pushes
on December 7, 8 and 9 downstairs at The Butterfly Club, Melbourne, at 7pm
(Friday 6pm).


– Show Details – Katy Christie, She’s Gonna Blow!

– Dates 7 – 9 December 2017

– Times 7pm (6pm on Friday)

– Venue The Butterfly Club, Carson Place off Little Collins St,

– Cost: Tickets from $25 for groups to $32 full price, available through
the Butterfly Club website (


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