Scene News: Jim Keays – Age Against The Machine

Age Against The Machine is the highly anticipated follow up to the acclaimed Dirty, Dirty from 2012 – and, sadly, Jim’s final album. Jim passed away on June 13 2014 just weeks after putting his finishing touches to what he believed to be his best album yet! The album is being released on the first anniversary.

jim-keays 10 more obscure garage-rock classics (with a couple of forays into punk and power-pop) from the unmistakable voice of The Master’s Apprentices, performed with the snarl, the wit and verve of, arguably, this country’s greatest ever front-man. With the same team behind Dirty, Dirty – featuring the extraordinary guitar of Davey Lane (You Am I) – this album was recorded live & dirty on vintage analogue equipment, just like the early Master’s Apprentices’ classics.

Play it loud and remember the legend that was Jim Keays.

shake some action

i got a line on you

come on

dig a hole

hot smoke and sassafras

it’s alright

(I’d go the) whole wide wide


If you got to make a fool of somebody

Heaven tonightjim-keays-cover


Producer Ted Lethborg: “After the amazing reception we had for Dirty, Dirty, we were very aware that we needed to up the ante, so we spent a long time searching for the right combination of songs and we settled on an eclectic bunch! We recorded the album at Hothouse in St. Kilda (the same studio asDirty, Dirty) using their vintage Neve console that had been part of Alberts studios in the Seventies. The band is the same– Davey Lane on guitar and vocals, Brett “Wolfie’ Wolfenden on drums and vocals and myself on bass and vocals. Dallas Frasca duets with Jim on the track ‘Dig A Hole’. Like the previous album we had very little rehearsal and recorded live in the studio with very few overdubs. The album was mastered by Jack The Bear. The album was completed before Jim passed away and we were so proud and excited about the way it had turned out. I can’t wait for people to hear these final recordings”.

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