Scene News: IV league drop ultimate indie pop single ‘Change My Mind’

Melbourne four piece IV League are not here to fuck spiders, erupting into their new single from the very first beat, anthemic harmonies “It’s all too much” meet Bella Venuti’s one of a kind powerhouse vocal and hit you right in the kisser with their high energy new single ‘CHANGE MY MIND’.

In an epic display of good ole’ fashion songwriting ‘Change My Mind’ exhibits both hard hitting, dynamic moments complimented by teenage angst and fragility. “Change My Mind is the first cut from a body of work we’ve that we have been crafting over the first part of this year. We feel as though it marks the start of the refining of our style and demonstrates a lot of experimentation instrumentally in comparison to our previous releases. The song is somewhat of a visceral song, and certainly a tableaux of a rocky time in the transition from adolescence to young adulthood” Bella IV LEAGUE

“Intimidatingly well-dressed and sounding even better, like the best of early Best Coast but heavier, with some of Mitski’s bite and Pavement’s guitar melodies, [IV League] prove that they’re young pioneers in the 90s rock revival”. FASTERLOUDER

“Very good things ahead for this band. Bella’s vocals are a thing you need in your life from now until forever” TRIPLE J UNEARTHED Dave Ruby Howe

IV League will be playing BIGSOUND festival in Brisbane September 5th – 8th 2017
‘CHANGE MY MIND’ Single Launch Saturday September 9 The Workers Club Melbourne


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