Scene News: Introducing Serina Pech with her new single Take A Look Around

Introducing Serina Pech, a fresh voice from the Northern Territory, with her new single Take A Look Around; a song about finding your own truth through honestly experiencing life and owning that truth.

Growing up in the isolated nature of rural Northern Territory town Katherine, Serina Pech has soaked in the influence of Australia and distilled it through her endearing, quirky personality.

Taking to the stage at a young age, she’s captivated audiences by breaking the barrier between musician and listener with her raw lyrics looking into the soul of her audience and offering an honest reflecting.

Speaking in metaphors and drawing on everyday human interactions, her ability to relate to her audiences makes her performances more intimate and memorable.

It’s this ability to listen and relate that makes her music so universally understandable.

“I believe the meaning of the song is open to interpretation but the way I see it is that we as human beings living in society can face and be influenced by many voices when really the one that matters is the one that rings close to the heart,” said Serina.

“It’s also about making your own way and path and life by choosing to listen to the feeling and rather than spread random opinions and ideas around like butter getting to the heart of the matter by seeing truly what is around you and being grateful.”

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