Scene News: HINDS! Formerly DEERS (Madrid Spain) Australian Tour!

Making their first visit outside of Europe, Hinds (formerly Deers) make raw garage pop generated by a fidgety sleepover club of Spanish young ladies. Founding members, Garcia Perrote and Carlotta Cosials, joined by bandmates Ade Martin and Amber Grimbergen create saccharine sounds about young lust and teenage mischief. Their growing collection of tracks being a by-product of the gang hanging out, without seriousness, more the overheard sounds of a jovial jam between friends.

The charm of Hinds’ music rests with the tinny make-shift textures that the lo-fi recording of their music allows for. Sounds of the girls bickering about boys with ramshackle accompaniment is captured and released pure without intervention.

After initially releasing their fuzzy demos to the internet, Hinds have gained interest worldwide; keeping in great company through opening for the Libertines, touring with Black Lips, and having shared stages with numerous musical idols on the European festival circuit over summer. An impressive trajectory for a band whose youngest member is eighteen and as an outfit that formed less than a year ago.

Popfrenzy, Noisey and Vanishing Elephant Presents Hinds (formerly Deers)

Wednesday February 18th
Sydney – GoodGod Small Club (Chinatown)
With Julia Why? And Black Zeros
Tickets available from

Thursday February 19th
Brisbane – Black Bear Lodge (Fortitude Valley)
With The Courtneys (Can)
Tickets available from

Saturday February 21st
Sydney – Moonshine (Manly)
With Bloods

Sunday February 22nd
Melbourne – John Curtin Hotel (Carlton)
With ScotDrakula and Kt spit
Tickets available from

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