Hachette Australia announces the upcoming publication of Love & Pain by Ben Gillies and Chris Joannou.

This is the powerful, untold story of two of the three members of Silverchair, Australia’s most awarded musical act.

‘Fundamentally, our story is a great one. An extraordinary one. Some of it may seem beyond belief, but we lived it. We were there. It all happened. I want to document it for my sons to read when they’re old enough – and we owe it to our incredibly loyal fans,’ says Ben Gillies.

‘When Ben and I first discussed the idea of writing a book, I realised it would be an opportunity to celebrate some of the awesome times the two of us shared and lived together, as well as reflect on some of the hard times – in the band and in our lives. This book is a keepsake for both of us, and a reminder that there is some beauty in addressing the truth of things, as well as paying respects to all aspects – good, bad and indifferent – of our story,’ adds Chris Joannou.

So much has been written about Silverchair over the years but very little has been said by the band’s members. In Love & Pain, childhood friends Gillies (drummer) and Joannou (bass player) tell us tales about growing up across the road from each other and starting in Silverchair, wild stories from the peak of their days in the spotlight, and the ups and downs of how their lives have panned out since.

While there are some funny, unforgettable rock ’n’ roll stories in these pages, there is also all the love and pain that came with being in the band: the cost of fame and intense pressure on two teenagers who had no way of preparing for it; the navigation of their friendships with each other and their relationships with their friends and family members; the mistakes they made and the successes they cherished. Gillies and Joannou write with vulnerability and raw and blistering honesty, making for an extraordinary account of a band adored by so many.

Gillies and Joannou will narrate the Love & Pain audiobook.

Love & Pain by Ben Gillies and Chris Joannou will be published in all formats on 27 September 2023

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