Scene News: Golden Plains 10th Birthday Party Line Up Announced


The Golden Plains Tenth Birthday LineUp is out now.

The Ticket Ballot is open until 10:10pm Tuesday 20 October AEDT, details





Something new.


GPX will be the first time the last artist sees The Light Of Day; an extended finish time on Sunday night means going through to glorious Dawn. With Monday being a day of rest and recreation, going right through seems a more natural, more fulsome way to Draw Things to A Perfect End.






One of the best places on Earth to spend A Long Weekend with friends and lovers – and yourself – exploring inner and outer space, The Meredith Supernatural Amphitheatre has been natured and nurtured on twenty-five years of knuckled-down know-how, for the singular purpose of hosting Something Uniquely Remarkable. For Golden Plains we’ve set the controls for the heart of Premium Mode, with even more Spacious Spacey Space for general cosmic engagement. The Sun arrives eight minutes and twenty seconds after it left and lands like honey on the trees; Afternoon goes on all day and The Big Bang happens both moons.






The Golden Plains Tenth Birthday Party LineUp goes like this:



Yes. It’s still true, it’s happening. For the first time in six years, Eddy Current will perform a show.


That in itself is the most fantastic news. That it will be in The Supernatural Amphitheatre, the scene of previous triumphs, for the Tenth Birthday of Golden Plains, ten years to the day after they played the first ever Golden Plains is just….well, it’s perfect.


There’s nothing like Eddy Current Suppression Ring. They would be the most-loved Melbourne band of the last decade or so. They became a band when Mikey and his brother Danny were mucking around at a work Xmas party and encouraged co-worker Brendan into singing impromptu into a tape recorder. Rob Solid joined on bass and they were a band. They went from local legends to national and international treasures pretty quickly, and without changing a thing. They were selective about what they did and didn’t do; they trusted their instincts.


They rarely played, toured even less, and at some point just stopped playing live.


Their influence on the garage rock underground has been huge, not just locally but across the world.


Their influence on people just thoroughly enjoying themselves is also immense.


This is what we said about them when they were booked to open Meredith 2005:


There’s a great Australian tradition of small club / pub rock and roll bands. Bands that don’t come into being simply in order to ‘make it to the top’ or even have a ‘career’. Bands that do it because they can’t not do it. The very best of these have something wild and mercurial about them, some powerful element that takes them beyond…beyond standard, beyond their peers, beyond reasoning. It becomes fathomless. When one of those bands form, then plays for a few years, then really starts hitting their straps…well, that’s something to see. Pure, unbridled, skilful, nebulous rock and roll. Four people on the same wavelength, all antennae tuned fine to the fuse as it works its way inevitably towards explosion. This band is just so unbelievably, unpredictably good. Love ‘em.


Their first album was “recorded and mixed at Caulfield Rehearsal Studios on February 25th 2006 between 11am – 3pm.” There’s no frills, there’s nothing superfluous about their whole operation. But when the basic ingredients are so incredibly perfect, why add anything?


Which Way To Go, Colour Television, Get Up Morning, Insufficient Funds, so much more.


Nothing says Good Times like Eddy Current in The Sup’. Remember that time Brendan parted the seas and the people just let him wander out there, and be amongst us, and do his thing, as the band superbly built Precious Rose? That was so special.


The band have said this is a “one off” for now, but would prefer to avoid bold declarations on their future. Of course, their final show six years ago was never billed as a final show. It’s just taken them six years to want to play another.


Eddy Current at Golden Plains 10th Birthday is the perfect gift for everyone, including the people that have everything and are hard to buy presents for. Plus everyone else as well.


We’re so honoured to have them play again – anywhere – but especially out Here.



“America’s best rock band” Greil Marcus, Time Magazine


“America’s best punk band ever. EVER” Rob Sheffield, Rolling Stone


“The best band in the world” Greil Marcus again, Esquire


Sleater-Kinney are, without question, the best rock band to come along in the past two decades. (Who’s their competition? Seriously, who?)” Tom Breihan, Stereogum


Some of the biggest music news of the past year has been the return of SLEATER-KINNEY. It’s astonishing to think how much this band has permeated the zeitgeist in recent times, considering they have been on hiatus for a full ten years.


“..we were left with a Sleater-Kinney-shaped hole in our musical cosmos for nearly a decade. Like Fugazi, Nirvana, or Bad Brains before them – so singular a force, so powerfully perfect – there was no replicating what or who they were.” Jessica Hopper


Sleater-Kinney are incredible. They always were, of course, but the passing of time, and new album No Cities To Love have served only to fully reveal the true awesome power of all that they are.


“their story is one of constant reinvention: Raging declaration-of-self basement-punk into emotional-whirlwind power-pop into twinkling soft-quilt warmth into strutting glam into furious feet-planted leftist humanist screeds into way-out unhinged psych-rock.” Ben Treihan


Freakishly, No Cities is their eighth album in a streak that started hot and has only gone upwards – no dips, no lulls; they just keep getting impossibly better.


“Catchy as all-clashing hell…The album has the particular aliveness of music being created and torn from a group at this very moment – tempered, but with the wild-paced abandon that comes with being caged and then free.” Jenn Pelly, Pitchfork


There’s been so much written about Sleater-Kinney, how good they are, how important they are, what they mean, and I can’t put it any better than this, this, or this. If you know them, you’ll know all that. If you haven’t checked them out before, this line sums it up for me:


“This is the sort of music that makes you shake your head in awe that human beings can create anything so powerful.” Greil Marcus




Jumpers, Dig Me Out, Modern Girl, Entertain and dozens more.


“America’s last truly great punk band, the last bridge out of Something Pure…the girl rock stars that boys respected too….Their existence was political as much as their band was fun; …They cared.” Jessica Hopper


The care goes two ways; their comeback is bringing tears of joy.


They’ve played selective dates around the world and just when we thought they may never make it back to Australia, or to The Sup’ (they played Meredith 2002), they RSVPed in the affirmative to our 10th Birthday Party invitation.


“Their return is not a victory lap. It is a re-declaration of all they were, all they built. It is a claim of glory after all that toil.”



Afrobeat Royalty. Afrobeat itself, in a way.


This will be one of the great musical experiences available on Planet Earth.


You can take it in from a couch in The Upper Sup’, or coming through loud and clear in the night air at your campsite, or most likely, by getting lost in its irresistible force up the front.


Seun is the youngest son of Fela Kuti, the founder of the Afrobeat movement. Egypt 80 is his father’s legendary Afrobeat orchestra.


At the age of nine Seun expressed the wish to sing to his father, then soon after they began performing together. Seun also followed the political and social ethos of his father.


After Fela died in 1997, Seun, then only 14 years old, became the lead singer of Egypt 80.


About three quarters of the current Egypt 80 line-up consists of musicians that not only played with Fela Kuti, but often were arrested and harassed alongside him, including band leader Lekan Animashaun. Live sets consist of both new material and originals from Fela. During his lifetime, Fela had never performed any songs live on stage which he had recorded in the studio, so this is the first chance to hear live performances of Fela Kuti classics.


See those two words tattooed across his back like wings: FELA LIVES.



“I have to believe that I am making Fela proud,” says Kuti, whose shoes are one size larger than his father’s anyway. “Over the years the band has come back to its peak, to the place they were in when Fela was fronting them.”


He pauses, smiles. “And now,” he says, “we go forward.”


We’ll be going every which way including loose when the orchestra strikes up, Sunday evening.



When I’m out walking I strut my stuff

And I’m so strung out


This doesn’t need explaining right?


Violent Femmes are the most remarkable, singular band. Their simple, raw, honest songs slowly won over the world, and continue to stand the test of time.


Why can’t I get just one kiss


Their eponymous first album – an underground masterpiece – undertook an unprecedented slowburn journey across the globe, and is still finding new fans today, more than thirty years after its release.


I hope you know that this will go down on your permanent record


Songwriter Gordon Gano wrote most of the songs on that album when still in high school in Milwaukee. Every one of them struck a chord, struck a nerve, felt like a personal national anthem, for a handful, then hundreds, thousands and now millions of people. Every track is killer; each one an individual but part of the whole:


Blister In The Sun, Add It Up, Gone Daddy Gone, Kiss Off, Promise, Prove My Love,Good Feeling

Check out for the full amazing lineup.

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