Scene News: Gingerfest 2015 Full Line-up Announcement!


The name suggests that GINGERFEST is a day full of Fanta, carrots and sunscreen-dipped freckly youngsters going by nicknames like ‘Bluey’. But no, its not about congregating to celebrate the rare yet beautiful MCR1 Gene. Instead, Gingerfest is a straight up, balls out, no reservations, all inclusive punk rock festival held to honour the memory of one of Australia’s most dedicated punk rockers. He just happened to boast a spectacular maine of ginger curls, so Gingerfest it is. Round two lines up one of the most kick-ass punk rock line-ups Sydney has seen for yonks. Lock in Saturday December 19 at The Factory Theatre folks.

Who’s playing? Well, GAY PARIS will be bringing their raging Dark Arts to the stage for one. The ever-mighty THE PORKERS will have you skanking against your will. Sydney melodic punks IRRELEVANT will make an anticipated one-off reunion set. Melbourne’s THE SINKING TEETH will deliver their customary searing, riffy punk rock. THE HARD ACHESwill be bringing the folky punk rock vibes. GOD GOD DAMMIT DAMMIT’S multi-horned party mania will have everybody skolling beers. And Frenzal Rhomb’s much-loved Jay & Lindsay will be entertaining everybody with the mysteriously titled JAY & LINDSAY’S VARIETY HOUR. Anything could happen there. Check out the bursting, bumper line-up in full below.

The festival organisers put the philosophy of this positive event best themselves, so we’ll leave it to them; “Nicholas Sofer-Schreiber aka ‘The Ginger Ninja’ dedicated his life to punk rock, so it’s only fair that we dedicate our punk rock festival to his life. Celebrating Nicky’s life through music and this festival is one way we know his memory will live on.”

2014’s inaugural Gingerfest was a raging success. A jam-packed Factory Theatre hosted a party of mammoth proportions across three stages and twenty acts. It was a whole day of good vibes, many beers and much moshing, everybody kindly donating their time to raise much-needed funds for Vision Australia. Proceeds from the 2015 edition will be donated again to Vision Australia and be reinvested into funding future local punk rock events.

There it is. There’s no more positive event to get behind this festive season, and have a bloody good time while you’re doing it.



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