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Testing Grounds, Charltons Karaoke Bar, Melbourne CBD November 21st, 2015

‘If We Build It You Will Come’

Found Poster 10 small Found is a live-art experience unfolding over 17 massive hours on November 21st at two iconic Melbourne CBD venues, Testing Grounds and Charltons Karaoke bar. Raise Your Flag is the heart behind this carnivalesque Town Square, where 120 women- including 50 visual artists, 15 bands, 20 speakers and 30+ live performers present work interrogating the idea of public space: who’s in it and who’s out of it.

Found is what happens when one artist, Melbourne-based Ad Hoc, throws political, social and cultural critique into an atmosphere of celebration and revelry. Coining this a positive protest, Found follows in the traditions of The Suicide Club, The Situationists, in bringing public space and art into the realm of magical realism.

We’re inviting our audience to Raise Your Flag in this hypothetical Town Square. How do you appear, or who could you be for the day? What does your flag represent? Exploring this proudly and publicly is the Power Babe way. Get involved!

Doors open 2pm at Testing Grounds, with a special performance of Power Up by comedian & sex worker Queenie Bon Bon, until the notorious Charltons takes the helm for live music, performances too risqué for daylight and a karaoke showdown from 10pm- 5am. Set times are secret so show up early and get ready for surprises.

Tickets: free for seniors, disability pension and companion cards holders, half price for concession and student cardholders.* 100% of all ticket sales go directly to Found

Found is supported by the Creative Partnerships Australia MATCH Funding Program, the Australian Cultural Fund, Testing Grounds, Charltons, The Women’s Circus, Cherchez La Femme, Girls On Film Festival, The Village, Babes in Books, A Sharp Knife, + more!

The full list of Found artists is available at:

What: Found
Date: November 21st, 2015

Venue: Testing Grounds, 1 City Rd, Southbank + Charltons, Chinatown

Time: 2-10pm @ Testing Grounds, 10pm-5am @ Charltons.

Social Media:

FB & Insta @Foundfestival

Twitter: @Found_Fest

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