Scene News: Former TISM Singer Launches New Web-Series, DAMIAN COWELL’S DISCO MACHINE


Former TISM singer launches new web-series, ‘Only The Shit You Love’

Damian Cowell, with another name, in another life, used to be one of the brains behind TISM.

Now he has just kicked off the most ambitious project of his life.

‘Only The Shit You Love’ – the 19 part animated web-series musical. Designed, scripted, animated and soundtracked by Damian Cowell.

Episode 1 airs Today Tuesday 3 August, with ep 2 following Thursday 5 August and the series continuing weekly every Tuesday at 10am, with the podcast to follow on Wednesdays.

‘Only The Shit You Love’ features his band the Disco Machine including comedic icon Tony Martin, plus guest cameos from Aunty Donna, Judith Lucy, Patience Hodgson, Shaun Micallef, Matt Stewart, Liz Stringer and Geraldine Quinn.

‘Only The Shit You Love’ the web series is like a graphic novel moving before your eyes. It’s a story – in typical Cowell fashion – of the darkest dystopian reality told with mocking silliness.

That’s not all. To go with it, there’s ‘Only The Shit You Love – The Podcast’ – a weekly half hour deconstruction of the week’s episode which also features Damian musing on music, corporate life, advertising, fanaticism, nostalgia, love and growing up in Melbourne’s outer suburbs.

Plus there’s ‘Only The Bits I Love’ where Damian mimes to his favourite 5 second snippets of pop music history.

And after all that, there’ll be ‘Only The Shit You Love’ the graphic novel of the animated web series, and ‘Only The Shit You Love’ the double concept album that started the whole thing off.

And maybe even ‘Only The Shit You Love’ the live shows – depending of course, on where we all are by the end of this year.

It’s taken him nearly four years. And it’s all finally happening.

You can see and hear all things Damian at

Only The Shit You Love

by Damian Cowell’s Disco Machine

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    Pre-order of Only The Shit You Love. The moment the album is released you’ll get unlimited streaming via the free Bandcamp app, plus a high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.
    releases October 20, 2021