Scene News: Eureka Challenge – Discover Melbourne and win a Trip to Greece!


Prizes include: six return trips to Greece, cultural tours of the best Museums Athens has to offer, coinciding with Open House Athens.

Melbourne, Australia – Eureka Challenge, the latest race day to come to Melbourne, is the brainchild of the Hellenic Museum. It’s no standard race: while there is a time limit, it’s been designed with both the little and big kids in mind. Participants receive a series of clues to unlock the Greek design influences on some of Melbourne’s most monumental landmarks. Touring the city to pick up stamps at each building and checkpoint, the social and historical backgrounds of each location is unearthed. If taking a new and deeper look at the city through a Greek lens weren’t inspiration enough, all participants that complete the circuit in the allocated time go into the draw for the big prize: return trips to Greece coinciding with Open House Athens 2016, including accommodation, and cultural tours of the city in partnership with the Benaki Museum. Winners will document their experiences in Athens through video diaries.

Robert Buckingham, Creative Director of MPavilion, who is culturally supporting the event commented: “What a perfect event to experience the richness of Melbourne’s architectural heritage. And what a wonderful opportunity to enjoy the classical architecture of both Melbourne and Athens and see how history continues to inspire contemporary design.”

The Challenge

Eureka Challenge will take place on Sunday 11 October. On this day, we will challenge the participants to embark on a tour of the Hellenic architectural and design influences in Melbourne. Doric, Ionic and Corinthian Order, not to mention Greek concepts of architectural beauty, abound in the city’s design. To narrow down the possibilities, they will receive a series of clues, which lead to some of Melbourne’s most iconic landmarks. Groups figure out the best route to navigate the circuit, and stop by each of the monuments to get their passport stamped, before trekking back to the finish line to clock their time.

The Start Line

The Hellenic Museum is the Eureka Challenge home base. Participants arrive here, grab their Eureka Passport, which includes a map and clues and will be used to collect the location stamps; participants then get their start time ticked off and are on their way. Start times stagger, beginning from 8:30am, with the last groups leaving at 11:30am. Participants select their start time when they get their tickets – this is the time that will be used to measure individual and group completion times.

The Circuit

The CBD and surrounding inner city mark the parameters of the circuit. Groups will tram, ride, and run their way to each pit stop, collecting the stamps within the allocated time (3hrs) to complete the challenge.

The Finish Party

Enjoy some Greek hospitality at the finish line, where we’ll also be announcing the winner of the big prize. Event expected to finish at 6pm.

The Reward

All participants who complete the race, collecting all the stamps at each of the buildings on the list within the time allowance, go into the draw to win the grand prize. The prize: return flights to Greece courtesy of Touchdown Tours, accommodation, cultural tours in Athens in partnership with the Benaki Museum, and all coinciding with Open House Athens in 2016. For the fastest hares there are solid gold medallions courtesy of Alex Bros Jewellers.

The Tickets

Tickets fall into two categories: those for up to four participants per group; and those for up to two participants per group. This means that if there are three members in a group or someone wants to fly solo they can still compete, but just need to pay the same price as either the Group of Four or Group of Two. They can even, if they want, be an individual participating in the Group of Four. Why? Because if they win they get to take three friends on a holiday they’ll never forget. This also means that there are two categories for the main prize. Four return trips to Greece for the Group of Four, and two return trips for the Group of Two.

Tickets on sale now through eventbrite!

  • Groups of four ($25 pp + booking fee)
  • Groups of two ($30 pp + booking fee) EndsAbout Hellenic Museum

    A cultural hub supporting arts, film, and visual performance Australia wide, with a Hellenic flavour. With an extensive long-term collection of Greek art and antiquities, dynamic contemporary exhibitions and high quality education programs, the Hellenic Museum plays a pivotal role in Australia to promote an appreciation of Greece’s cultural identity.

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