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Dry July is a fundraiser that challenges you to go booze-free for a month to support adults living with cancer.  It helps you get healthy and clear your head while also raising funds for an important cause.  Dry July improves the wellbeing of adult cancer patients by providing funds to create better services and environments for them and their families.

Mary Boukouvalas DRY JULYThis is my second year participating in Dry July. My participation last year was full of hope for my dad who was battling NHL. Unfortunately he didn’t make it but he was always keen to help
others. By raising money this year, I will be remembering dad, his generous nature, his beautiful heart & soul.

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Dry July takes a lighter-hearted approach to raising funds for a serious issue.  You don’t often get the chance to raise money for charity by not doing something! It is a challenge of determination that rewards participants with a great sense of achievement and feeling of wellbeing.

Taking part in Dry July gives you the chance to also focus on yourself – notice your own drinking habits and the value of a healthy, balanced lifestyle.  DJs ( [dee-jay] noun: a person or team actively sponsored to participate in Dry July) recognise a multitude of benefits themselves such as increased energy levels, a clearer head and clearer skin! what-is-dj

Dry July’s Mission

Dry July’s mission is to improve the wellbeing both of adult cancer patients and their families, and of Dry July participants making healthy lifestyle changes.

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