Scene News: DIZZY REED drops new single from Rock ‘n Roll Ain’t Easy

Launching his debut solo album in Sydney in February, Dizzy Reed, has signed a further deal with independent record label, Golden Robot Records, to take the physical release of Rock ‘n Roll Ain’t Easy to the rest of the world on June 1. Currently available for pre-order outside of Australia and New Zealand, and previously only available in digital format in other territories, fans across the world can now get their hands on a hard copy of the album on CD or, even better, purple vinyl.

In celebration of the release to the rest of the world, a third rock-fueled single, Mother Theresa, has been made available to radio from the album, featuring Frank Ferrer on drums, Jeff Duncan on guitars, and Dizzy Reed on vocals, piano and synth.

Listen to Mother Theresa on Spotify  | Apple Music

Considering Reed thought this album may never see the light of day, it did and many have been surprised – pleasantly surprised – with what finally emerged…good, hard ROCK AND ROLL.

“This is an album packed with passion and severity, the second half really stepping up a gear into more killer riffs and infectious melodies than you may be able to handle. It’s an epic thing to hear Reed at the forefront of the music for a change, and Rock ‘N Roll Ain’t Easy could surely be considered a new rock staple, going down in history in its own right.” – Hysteria Mag

“For me, this stands up as an incredibly strong Album of the Year contender in a year that has already seen some tremendous albums released. I enjoy it more than any of the other members albums from that small day job Dizzy has, which surprised me as I love that Ju Ju Hounds album. Dizzy and team have made a timeless classic hard rock record that like Soraia’s recent album I anticipate playing for the next few decades. Now, let me dive back into this slice of rock ‘n’ roll heaven.” – Uber Rock UK

“Dizzy has released a classic slice of perfect rock music. It is an album that you put on that may well transport you back to simpler times of the late 80s and early 90s. It’s fun, liberating and I challenge anyone not to sail down the freeway listening to ‘Reparations’ and not shout out, “fuck, yeah”.” – Alternative Nation

CD & Vinyl
Track Listing
01 This Don’t Look Like Vegas
02 Mother Theresa
03 Cheers 2 R Oblivion
04 Fragile Water
05 Dirty Bomb
06 Mystery In Exile
07 I Celebrate
08 Understanding
09 Crestfallen
10 Forgotten Cases
11 Reparations
12 Rock ‘n’ Roll Ain’t Easy

Now available for pre-order outside of Australia

Out June 1, 2018

About Dizzy Reed
Born in Hinsdale, Illinois and raised in Colorado, Dizzy started his musical journey in early childhood. His grandmother, who lived in the apartment above, played the organ, teaching him on her Lowry.

Growing up, Dizzy was exposed to his father’s love of Booker T and the MGs, and once young Dizzy realised that was the same instrument he could play, he was hooked. By the age of 12 he was touring with his band. Other early influences were John Lord, Gregg Rolie, and Grand Funk Railroad.
In 1985, Dizzy moved to Los Angeles, where a wild, rich musical scene was hitting its stride.

While rehearsing in a Hollywood practice room, Dizzy befriended Axl Rose, and in 1990 he joined Guns N’ Roses on keys, percussion and backing vocals. In 2012, Dizzy was inducted into the Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame as a member of the band. He has also toured with the Psychedelic Furs and has recorded and written with supergroup The Dead Daisies, as well as singing lead vocals with his side project, Hookers and Blow.

Dizzy is a father of four and lives with his New Zealand-born wife, Nadja, in LA. On surviving and flourishing in rocks ‘sharky’ waters, he says, “Never stop learning and exploring, but don’t forget what you do best. Stick to your guns.”

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