Scene News: Dave Graney’s October single “Matey, From On High”

Dave Graney and Clare Moore have a new single at itunes and Bandcamp. Once of the Moodists, once of Dave Graney and the Coral Snakes and since 2004 as Dave Graney and the mistLY. From Melbourne, Australia.

The eighth for 2016. This time it’s “Matey, From On High”. It’s a 4:19minute jazz pop groover with Clare Moore’s swinging beat beat and ever rising chords. Acoustic and electric guitars, bass and keys by Dave Graney.

Backing vocals and trumpet by Stu Thomas. More backing vocals by Will Hindmarsh and Emily Jarrett from Go Go Sapien. What’s it about?

“It’s a song about how I feel I might distractedly, half engage with people. Sorry about that”.

“The language of the song is playful. It’s not at all a narrative thing. It’s all in the present, the drifting chorus which kicks in pretty quickly and stays in the groove. The chords continually rising and the drums swinging hard on the ride cymbal.
The title came from a line in THE APES OF GOD By Wyndham Lewis. It just jumped out at me. His writing was like that. He was also a painter, a great favourite of Captain Beefhearts.

Also another of my songs worrying about the faux intimacy of the digital age”.

A quote from an observer at a recent show…

What strange states of consciousness does this man conjure? To which tradition, literary or theatrical, does he belong? I am experiencing not cognitive dissonance, but a kind of mental atonality. He was fantastic, but my categories are not working. How do I understand what I have just seen? Keith J. SOCIAL MEDIA

Show – Sunday Oct 23rd Bennetts Lane – Melbourne

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