Scene News: dave graney and the mistLY play the Grandview Hotel in Fairfield August 20th

With a new single “You Need A Kleek, Klook” out Dave Graney and the mistLy are playing Melbourne show at the Grandview Hotel in Fairfield Saturday August 20th.

You Need A Kleek Klook is the sixth digital release for Dave Graney in 2016, on a schedule of a single at iTunes and Bandcamp every month. You Needa Kleek, Klook could be described as “majestic Procul pop” with 12 string guitar, revered tambourines, drum machine and maximum harmonies. The title grew out of a long held Graney fascination with a 50s/60/s/70s London nightclub called Kleeks Klook. Sounded like a cool joint, and players need to stroll out from cool joints where they have been getting lit up with their cool friends- behind closed doors. You Need A Kleek, Klook.


Dave Graney and the mistLY playing the Grandview Hotel in Fairfield Saturday August 20th

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