Scene News: CherryRock015 announces Yah Yah’s “Encore”

CherryRock015 announces Yah Yah’s “Encore”

Cherry Bar and Yah Yah’s owner & booker James Young has today confirmed that, for the first time in the CherryRock Festivals’ nine year history, 2015 will see the introduction of a free encore event at Cherry’s sister bar Yah Yah’s. A free bus service will be provided from 9pm between the two venues, shuttling punters from AC/DC Lane City to Smith Street Fitzroy to the live encore and official all-night after-party.

Headlining the CherryRock015 encore at Yah Yah’s will be Canadian dirty blues and straight up rock n roll artist Miss Quincy & The Showdown(under) in the final show of her first Australian Tour, supported by surf rock party band La Bastard and Melbourne’s rockabilly queen, Rosie and The Mighty Kings.

“OK, I’m easily excited,” reflects CherryRock015 owner/booker James Young, “but I’m genuinely excited to bring together our two beloved late night rock n roll venues, Cherry and Yah Yah’s, spiritually and literally with our free bus service. I’m excited that we’ve got real girl guitar power taking over our CherryRock015 encore and guiding the male-dominated stoner rock of the afternoon into an even dirtier late night place with the sexy surfabilly chaos of La Bastard, Rosie & The Mighty Kings and, our fourth international on the bill, Miss Quincy from the mountains of Canada with a guitar slung over her shoulder, a knife strapped to her leg and her self-penned bush-cookbook in her claw. Finally, I’m excited that entry is free for all and that we can party on till 5am with DJ Maxwell Von Crawdaddy too. Rock on, ride on.”

Sunday 10 May 12noon to 9.30pm
Cherry Bar and AC/DC Lane Melbourne
13 acts, 2 stages, no clashes
Tix $79 from
Yah Yah’s Encore & official after-party
9pm – 5am, FREE entry
Miss Quincy (Canada), La Bastard and Rosie & The Mighty Kings.



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