Scene News: Charlie Marshall presents a unique science, music, poetry event to celebrate National Science Week

To celebrate National Science Week the SUBLIME SCIENCE CABERET features Charlie Marshall & the Curious Minds, Rod Quantock, Alicia Sometimes, Sean M Whelan and Caresse Cranwell in a mix of music, video, poetry and stand up comedy that boldly goes where few shows have gone before to extol the wonders of the universe and our planet.

Sublime Science Cabaret is a celebration of science in two parts. Act One “Physics” extols the wonders of the universe and our planet. Act Two “Ecology” is a plea to take better care of this pale blue dot we call home.

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Melbourne singer, songwriter and science teacher Charlie Marshall – described as an intriguing cross between The Beach Boys”Brian Wilson and BBC’s Brian Cox – performs his new critically acclaimed scientific, ecological concept album “Sublime” with crack band The Curious Minds, accompanied by video projection and science commentary by the man himself.

Stand up comedy icon and environmental activist Rod Quantock delivers his darkly satirical take on the history of the earth, science of climate change, and the ever increasing stupidity of political discourse.

Renowned Melbourne poets Alcia Sometimes and Sean Whelan present their arresting poetry of wonder, science and metaphysics. And ecologist Caresse Cranwell invites us to “come closer” with her powerful, poetic ecophilosophical plea.

Master of Ceremonies for the night will be Jonathan Marshall, Senior Lecturer from the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts.

** Sublime Science Cabaret
Toff in Town 252 Swanston St, Melb
Sunday August 20th 5.30pm
Tickets here

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