Scene News: CHARLIE LANE Shares Indie-Pop Rock Single, Gold Drips



Image: Marcus Coblyn


An edgy and propulsive new sonic delight from Melbourne singer-songwriter Charlie Lane, the single Gold Drips out today meshes layers of indie pop and rock edges with some new wave charm alongside Lane’s trademark self-aware lyricism. Also accompanied by an aptly gold-themed music video todayGold Drips is a shimmering return from Lane ahead of launching her new track live onstage nextThursday March 14 at The Workers Club in Fitzroy.


Drafting what would become Gold Drips back in 2019 alongside co-writer Lyra CaltabianoLane returned to the track in 2021, taking it to fellow co-writer and producer Adam Jack Heath and developing it together into its final form. Inspired by an eclectic array of artists, including The NationalJoy DivisionAmy WinehousePinkKate Nash and BlondieLane fused her creative knack for weaving sunshine into relatable honesty alongside diverse inspiration, emerging with a new wave-hued edgy charmer laden with powerful meaning, as Lane explains, Gold Drips was written around enmeshed families, and a co-dependent relationship; what it is to be stuck in a position of loyalty and remembering your strength to break out of that place to do what’s right, even if that means you have to leave what’s comfortable behind. Adam is another cowriter, and is also the guitarist, keys player and backing vocalist whilst also being the producer for this track. Literally an all-round legend. Louis Spencely is on drums, Jethro (Jet) Kalt on Bass, and the amazing Jasmine Johnston on synth and backings.


Embracing all things gold for the accompanying Gold Drips music video, Laneworked alongside her press photographer Marcus Coblyn to ultimately bring the clip to life. Seemingly simplistic but pulsing with creativity and cohesive meaning, the Gold Drips video first evolved from ice coffee meetings and the fortuitous discovery of a gold-adjacent airstream, as Lane elaborates, “At first I really struggled to come up with a concept for the clip as I wrote the song quite a few years back, and it has definitely changed its meaning to me over that time. I knew that I didn’t want it to be overly complex and that there was definitely going to be a gold theme going on, so I pushed hard on that one! I was really lucky that I had Marcus onboard as he is super validating and full of ideas. After our “meeting”, which was an iced coffee and hang out at Edinburgh gardens because that’s how you get shit done, I went home and contacted my friends from high school Tarryn and her husband Tim. I knew they had a brass decor airstream for hire at their business lagoon locations and then ideas started flowing.


Discovering her love of music at a young age, Lane grew up listening to her father’s favourite blues artists, becoming enamoured by the guitarwork of the likes of Buddy GuyLloyd Spiegel and Jimmy Hocking alongside her mother’s tastes which spanned Carole King and Joni Mitchell. From writing her first song at the age of 16 to studying at JMC Academy, Lane’s first performance took place at a cabaret festival in 2013, before she turned her gaze from the theatrical arts into more indie waters. Recruiting session players, Lane soon found her stride as a songwriter, with her sound evolving over the years without faltering from her core flair of conjuring charming and authentic music. A queer and disabled woman in the music industry who is “just looking to push boundaries, break down barriers and stigmas,” Lanehas established herself as a formidable force on the Melbourne creative scene over the years, with over 100+ shows under her belt while proudly championing inclusivity within the musical realms.


And with much more still to come in 2024, Lane will launch her latest single Gold Drips next week in Melbourne, performing her brand new track at The Workers Club; and there are definitely some surprises in store for the night, as Lane concludes, “This next one is definitely going to be a fun show. We’re doing a lot of new tracks from the album and an old banger that seems to be a fave. I definitely love to keep the stage presence fun and a slight surprise for the boys currently playing with me. Jet is quite new as the bass playerI felt like I gave him quite a scare the last gig jumping so close out of nowhere, as I’m pretty tame in rehearsals. But the show is always a good time.”


Gold Drips is out now! 



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