Scene News: Care Packages Book Launch

In her new book, Care Packages, Michelle Mackintosh is bringing back the art of crafting packages with love and care. Care packages get their name from the humanitarian organisation Cooperative for Assistance and Relief Everywhere (CARE for short), which began distributing parcels of food and supplies in Europe following World War II, but people have been sending packages of provisions to others as long as there has been a way.

Everyone needs to be cared for at some point in their lives: not just when things are tough, but also in times of celebration and joy. Care Packages is here to show readers how easy it is to reach out and connect with those we love – and even those we don’t know – with beautiful parcels filled with thoughtful items tailored for each recipient.

Care Packages teaches us that giving doesn’t have to mean breaking the bank: with a little time and ingenuity, readers can create the perfect gift to brighten the spirits, give hope and celebrate the good times. From making music mixes for homesick students and celebrating the arrival of a new baby with an origami mobile, to creating nourishing gifts in the kitchen and wrapping everything up perfectly, this book shows you how to craft beautiful parcels for any occasion.

With Michelle’s beautiful collage aesthetic, step-by-step photography and easy to follow instructions, Care Packages will inspire a sense of time, love and care when corresponding with a loved one.


About the Author:

Michelle Mackintosh is a Melbourne-based book designer and illustrator with a passion for mixing up the discarded with the new, collaging vintage, cute and modern aesthetics into something unique. She has designed dozens of books on a wide range of topics, from cookbooks and craft to city guides and diaries. She has illustrated six books written by her husband Steve Wide, and has worked on books for authors as diverse as Beci Orpin, Antonia Kidman, Margaret Fulton, Louise Fulton Keats, John Marsden, Gabriel Gate, Jane Rocca and Pip Lincolne.

Michelle is the author of Snail Mail, celebrating the lost art of written correspondence and the co-author of Tokyo Precincts.

Care Packages is released Wednesday 11th May, and is out through Hardie Grant Books.