Scene News: Camp Doogs announces 2015 dates and festival tickets

Three years since the first seeds were planted and Camp Doogs has grown into a fully-fledged habitat for music, art and outdoor recreation. Smack bang in the centre of the universe (WA’s Great South West), it’s the ultimate field trip: a real good camp.

Camp Doogs is not just a music festival. It’s an immersive, elusive experience: a place to meet your spirit animal, to find your inner chill. There will be music though and deep doogs dancing to match. There’ll be unique installations, birdsong collaborations and riverside recitations. Cheesy daytime activities make way for late night mysteries. Fall asleep against a tree. Wake to a love note in your hand. Refresh with a morning swim before doing it all again.

With no prior lineup announcement, and Nick Allbrook, Kucka and Peter Bibby as alumni, Camp Doogs 2015 anticipation will be high. Keep in mind it’s a festival big enough to attract international acts and small enough for giant spin the bottle. Explore your wildest fantasies; doogs do come true. Tickets include a bus to the site, a nature reserve near Nannup, so pack light and with the environment in mind. Food is available from local suppliers and drinks are BYO. Bring your swag. Bring a tambourine. Expect a great community and a drove of future mates.

Camp commences Friday October 9 and finishes on Sunday 11. Tickets on sale July 31. Sign up to the newsletter for first dibbs.