Scene News: Boogie 2018 Lineup Announced!

Ready? Of course you are. Hose out your mind, locate your tent pegs and pack your flannies; BOOGIE FESTIVAL is back on the farm, more fabulous than ever. It’ll be getting good weird in Tallarook, Victoria over the 2018 Easter weekend.

The now cult three-day extravaganza will revel and shimmy in the mid autumnal tones of a super (though not sickly) sweet line-up. What’s the go? One big stage, one wacky clubhouse, one hillbilly late night disco, one mysterious shearing shed, many bars, scrumptious and nourishing food outlets, Boogie bucks, and a bevy of like-minded splendid humans getting involved in the party of their lives!

And there are bands too. Quite a few of them. A bustling bundle of handpicked local and international acts either on the up and up or at the tip top peak of their capabilities. Who is on the sonic menu? Read on for the delicious scoop below. A taster; some highlights include US garage-Americana experts DEER TICK, the stunning ANGEL OLSEN in solo mode, the irresistible blues bombast of CASH SAVAGE & THE LAST DRINKS, electric throwback punks CLOWNS, and Melbourne’s newest first lady of r’n’b; THANDO.

A mixed bag, united in awesomeness under the Boogie banner. More acts to come; ears to the ground for more revelations soon.

Boogie offers splendid opportunity to resurrect your party spirit three days in a row. Boutique and beautiful. It is Boogie number twelve. Unlike any other. Tickets on sale online at or in real life via Greville Records.

Our Friend’s Farm, Tallarook
March 30, 31 & Apr 1 2018
Tickets on sale now via and Greville Records.


Plus heaps more big cats to be announced…
Providence, Rhode Island four-piece DEER TICK have been galvanised by years spent traversing the highways and byways of America. They’ve honed their craft for well over a decade, becoming one of the most respected acts on the unforgiving Americana scene. Touring Australia this March with the legendary Jason Isbell, DEER TICK will deliver Boogie to new heights. With recent dual releases, Vol 1 and Vol 2 in tow, they’re set to sling their dichotomous Americana and more punk-inspired, garage rock predilections.

No question, CASH SAVAGE & THE LAST DRINKS get hearts pumping and drinks flowing. The award-winning sextet has been hypnotising audiences worldwide for the last few years thus with their mix of psychedelic rock, country and blues, irresistibly honest lyrics and Savage’s instantly recognisable, growling vocals. They marry shredding guitar, hammering banjo and heartbreaking fiddle, and they’re hailed amongst the very best.

From modest beginnings as suburban Melbourne house-party punks, CLOWNS have become an unstoppable, undeniable force. They’ve dominated international stages, sharing ’em with a swag of punk icons, and sold out tons of local headline dates. Next, CLOWNS are primed destroy the Boogie stage, and some eardrums along the way. Insubordinate instigators of madness, this four-piece of badass motherfuckers manufacture distortion-drenched, punk-laden power-pop, with every intention to kick your arse and ruin your life.

St. Louis native and indie folk rocker ANGEL OLSEN (SOLO) is a human dynamo. She recorded and toured as a backing singer with Bonnie “Prince” Billy and the Cairo Gang, before embarking on her own instantly acclaimed career. Her transfixing and intimate indie folk sound bridges classic country crooning and stylised garage rock. Currently touring the world, blowing minds, breaking hearts and being an all-round boss, folks can’t get enough of her. Now it’s time Boogie to get in on the action.

Another Melbourne fave, punk trio CABLE TIES push punk past its compact aspirations and into a grinding, chugging assault. Their frenetic lead lines and hypnotic rhythmic section allowJenny McKechnie to deliver anthems that turn latent anxieties into rallying cries. These three friends weld punk and kraut rock and boogie to stretch songs past breaking point in the search for a joyous rush and to shake shit up. Look the heck out.

We loved them at Boogie 8 and we still do, so lucky for us, the enigmatic THE FROWNING CLOUDS are back after a brief hiatus. After their beginnings at high school with a common love for uncommon music, the five-piece Geelong outfit burst onto the scene a couple of years back. Their jangly, surf-tinged 60’s-style lo-fidelity rock’n’roll tips its hat to their favourite sounds of old. Its also won them bucketloads of fans.

Oh boy, FRASER A. GORMAN is a true delight. He deftly crafts tunes around his wry wry charm and offbeat storytelling. Like an indie wizard. Or an alternative rock shaman. Another excellent Milk! Records alumnus, Fraser will be most welcome to Boogie, where he’ll no doubt soothe the souls of intrepid partygoers with his smart and soulful American-influenced sonic wares.

PSYCHEDELIC PORN CRUMPETS is a four-piece psych rock band straight outta Perth, who turn up the intensity to 11. Their constantly shifting rhythmical patterns suspend you in a journey through time and space. Coming off the blocks in 2015, the boys have quickly cooked up a tasty concoction that everyone wants a piece of. Their debut album ‘High Visvera {Part 1}’ has seen them support the likes of fellow legends and all-round shredders King Gizzard and The Lizard Wizard, Dune Rats and Skeggs. Rippa.

Lotta folks said a lotta fine things about MICHAEL HURLEY. Not least that he’s one of America’s last true outsider folk troubadours. A real gem, and an utter delight, his career has spanned almost half a century. Revered by the likes of Cat Power, Calexico, and us, expect deft yarn weaving and mesmerising musical magic from this last unreconstructed jazzy folk shaman. Also a cartoonist and watercolor artist of note, Mr. Hurley is a real humdinger Renaissance man, and we’re thrilled to have him.

GOOD BOY. Not, in fact a furry friend, but a new friend nonetheless. Brisbane-via-Bundaberg raging indie garage punk goodness for your ears, and for your soul. Toured with Japandroids and The Creases and been smashed like a pinata on triple j, even though they’re pretty new to this whole being a band thing. Their new single is called ‘A Waste of Approximately 122 Million Dollars (Taxpayer Funded)’; a sign they’ll fit riiiight in at Boogie.

Zimbabwean born THANDO is Melbourne’s newest first lady of R&B. Bow down. She’s a powerhouse vocalist and mixes electronica and soul into a goddamn captivating performance. Killing it at BIGSOUND, Strawberry Fields, St. Kilda Fest and supporting Maxwell, REMI and Sampa the Great to name a few, she’s coming to Boogie to show us how it’s done.

Being banned from YouTube, booed at America’s Got Talent, and lauded for their irreverence by a global cult following is no mean feet. And that’s why we welcome BIRDCLOUD to Boogie with open arms. With a healthy dose of humour, Nashville country-punk duo Jasmin Kaset and Makenzie Green have spent the past five years touring dive bars and lavish theatres across America and Europe. They’re two ferocious artists who are kicking dirt and taking names. A must-see act this Boogie.

With her new album Young Love a-brewing, Melbourne folk singer JESS RIBEIRO will have some tasty tunes to share come Easter. She rocked a killer residency at The Tote earlier this year and is a lauded artist who draws tonnes of attention and admiration. Her songs are cinematic, her lyrics rhythmic and evocative, conjuring images that are dimly lit, but nonetheless electric. Ribeiro’s brand of brooding rock and roll soundtracks sleepless nights and dark drives, but never loses sight of the stories at its core.

Described as a ‘sombre folk dandy’ and from Warrnambool, DIDIRRI happily calls Melbourne home. A singer-songwriter in a class of his own he draws listeners into his vortex of unapologetic storytelling, often punctuated with self-depreciating humour and tales of modern escapades. Inspired by the likes of Jeff Buckley, Glen Hansard, Joni Mitchell and even Tina Fey, he’s beautifully not yet numbed by the world. He wanted a life less ordinary; to be a cop or a muso. But lacked the discipline for paperwork so…

Retro-edged pop gurus CREPES began in the depths of Ballarat. After relocating to Melbourne, they were joined by a few more kindred spirits and together their catchy guitar pop and mid 70’s-style (think Paul McCartney’s Wings, or Steely Dan’s more stripped-back moments) make pegs shake it like they were born to do. Exploring young love, aspiration, self-doubt and lost relationships, they’ll no doubt find a place in the hearts of the Boogie faithful.

HACHIKU writes and produces dream pop with an avant garde twist. from whichever bedroom she is currently inhabiting. Since releasing her self-titled debut EP on the iconic Milk! Records, she’s played a packed-out residency at The Tote, opened for Fazerdaze, Camp Cope and Jen Cloher and went on national tour with Saskwatch. HACHIKU’s unique brand of operatic glitter, paints dreamy landscapes of monumental sound. The recent additions of a multi-talented, four-piece band and her signature bedroom beats have been creating quite a buzz.

Dropping a raw and organic imprint of Hip Hop and Trip Bass infused with inspired conscious lyrics, Indigenous Australian act INDIGENOISE bring the ancient wisdom of the old ways into the new age. On stage they empower the individual, and stand united as Indigenous youth, dominating the mass consciousness with their gift of music, traditional ceremony and dance. Representing the red, black, yellow and white people of the earth, they alchemise a powerful voice of ancient and contemporary culture.

Superficially, it would seem easy to define LOWTIDE’s music – reverb drenched, richly layered, heavily textured and brings to mind bands like The Cure, Ride, My Bloody Valentine and Slowdive. But, to categorise their sound as simply “shoegaze” is to miss the point entirely! There’s a good reason there’s been a bunch of hype round them over the past decade. They don’t just live up to it, (the hype we mean) they surpass it completely and they’ve got a new release dropping just in time for Boogie!

LUKE ELLIOT. Boy, is he a handsome fellow. He’s also a gosh darn talented songwriter. Hailing from Princeton, New Jersey, best brace yourselves for his uber-electic mix of crooner rock’n’roll, spaghetti western music, classic country, and pop standards, and bluesy, gin-soaked swagger. We don’t wanna brag, but this guy’s drawn comparisons to Leonard Cohen, Bob Dylan and Tom Waits. No big deal. But he sure is. Not to be missed.

To explain HUGE MAGNET you just need to Imagine an 1976 HJ panel van with a 202 rumbling under the bonnet, Winnie Reds on the dash, band gear and a couple of slabs of beer and spirits and shit in the back doing doughnuts at the crossroads of blues, rock, boogie and old school good times, but now, so fuckin’ now. From the Wild West, W.A., where the sounds of boogie rock and a beer can opening make total sense. Tallarook, HUGE MAGNET aren’t fucking around. House rocking good times guaranteed.

Melbourne faves, BITCH DIESEL are The Falcon, Charger, Silver Skidmark and The Stang – four extraordinarily intelligent and becoming Aussie sheilas shredding out intricately composed liquor-infused notes of genius. Chasing down fame and fortune and rarely late to a live performance, these broads are able to play for the full 30 minutes, if required. After a much talked about and packed to the rafters surprise show in the Clubhouse last year, we couldn’t wait to ask them back. This time front and centre to rip it up on the main stage.

And loads more bands, DJ’s and and extra curricular activities to come…

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