Scene News: Blooming Heck Melb album launch Workers Club 19 Nov

Melbourne garage/pop outfit Blooming Heck sure know how to blend the perfect pop song, and listening to their stunning self-titled debut album you get the sense they are cunningly aware of all the vital ingredients. Combining a jangling sound, poptastic lyrics, a driving infectious beat, kaleidoscopic keys, and tambourine shimmery goodness the band are very excited to be launching their album at The Workers Club on 19th November.

Featuring Katherine Simpson and Robert Simpson, the former rhythm section of Australian indie pop group The Triangles, a popular mid 2000’s cult act around Melbourne and Sydney, who enjoyed a top-10 single in Spain in 2010 after their song Applejack was used in a television beer commercial. Blooming Heck are particularly excited as The Triangles will be reforming as supports making it an extra special gig : it’s been seven years since they last performed, and is the ten year anniversary of their last album Seventy Five Year Plan.

Blooming Heck churn out a handsome swag of upbeat tunes sweeter than honey and butter on toast – a total of eleven songs on their first musical offering – all freshly baked from the hottest oven. Their smattering of jangling heart felt pop-driven tunes really hit a cracking pace and are bound to turn the fiercest melancholic frown upside down and get the saddest sack their mojo back.

From around 2008-2012 Katherine and Robert moonlighted in a number of other bands in Australia and the UK, before returning to Melbourne and starting to gig under the name Human Woman. A recent name change to Blooming Heck was brought about to avoid a legal run-in with an Icelandic group of the same name. Recording and playing around Melbourne and Sydney since 2013, with groups like Canary, Jamatar, Mandek Penha, Sister Socrates, The Gallant Trees, Popolice, You and Your So-Called Friends, Vicuna Coat, and Big Winter, the duo are mega excited to be releasing their bright shiny debut.

Blooming Heck cite their influences as being the Breeders, Talking Heads, the Go-Go’s, Chastity Belt, Ween, Magic Dirt, Torres, Richard in Your Mind, Todd Rundgren, Tegan and Sarah, The Fauves, Ariel Pink, and Wussy.
Blooming Heck’s self-titled album is out now via legendary indie label Half A Cow Records.

Blooming Heck album launch
Sunday 19 November
Workers Club Fitzroy
Doors at 7.30pm
$10 entry at the door
Support : The Triangles & Theme Team

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