Scene News: Aussie punk rock visionary, Cub Callaway, at Cherry Bar this Friday

Cub Callaway is a songwriter, singer, guitarist and producer whose influence on Australian independent music over the last 30 years is significant having producing many internationally critically acclaimed albums.

Callaway emerged in Brisbane in the late 70’s in the local band The X-Men, when punk first appeared having witnessed the emergence of The Saints and The Go Betweens.

Callaway moved to Sydney in 1978 where he joined The Saints upon their return from England. After touring with The Saints, he formed The New Christs with Rob Younger where he co-wrote and produced their first single that is now highly sought after. Cub then formed his own band, writing and singing his songs and released an EP.

Callaway moved into studio production where he worked with Ed Keupper, The Triffids, Louis Tillet and Damien Lovelock producing internationally acclaimed classic albums. At the start of the 90s, he returned to Brisbane where he played in bands notably The Divas.

In 2007, Callaway moved to the Canberra region and built Broken Knee Studio where he has recorded albums for Waterford, The Fighting League, Danny Mack, The Hovering Spooks, Liam McKahey (Cousteau) and Groom Epoch.

In 2013, Cub released “Silver & Gold”, an album drawing on influences from the last 30 years of independent music. The album features appearances by many of his former colleagues including John Hoey (Died Pretty), Warwick Gilbert (Radio Birdman), Paul Larsen (Celibate Rifles), Clyde Bramley (Hoodoo Gurus) and Julie Mostyn Gilbert (Flaming Hands).

In 2014, Cub joined forces with Richard Ploog (The Church), John Hoey (Died Pretty), Phil Hall (SardineV, Dropbears, Lime Spiders) to release “Fall of The Empire”. This album is a step forward for Callaway with strong songs played with spontaneity and power. Callaway also co-wrote, played on and produced the Groom Epoch album “Scalar Trails” with Richard Ploog.

In 2015, Callaway along with his usual musical colleagues, John Hoey (keyboards), Phil Hall (bass) and Craig Marshalsey (bass and guitar), formed Cub Callaway and The Révolutionnaires. The band will be augmented by Barton Price, Donovan Gall and Andy Nunns on drums.

An EP “Wheel In The Sky” has been released in August 2015 which has been described as Indy Pysch Punk Prog Rock.
Cub Calloway and The Revolutionnaires play Cherry Bar this Friday 20th November, with Jack Howard and The Long Lost Brothers.

About Cub Callaway’s latest release: Wheel In The Sky

This is Cub Callaway’s third release, “Wheel In The Sky”, on Dominion. The EP features John Hoey (Died Pretty), Craig Marshalsey (Cloudbase UK), Donovan Gall (Liam KcKahey), Phil Hall (Lime Spiders), Barton Price (The Models) and Richard Ploog (The Church) amongst others.

The EP covers a wide range of themes and includes an instrumental “Starlight” that harks back to the Graham Bond Organisation. The song topics range from ghosts to newspaper headlines. Callaway covers “Pretty Pictures”, a Celibate Rifles song written by Damien Lovelock. It includes a live version of Silver and Gold with Barton Price on drums.

Cub Callaway has a strong pedigree in Australian independent music playing with The Saints and The New Christs while producing albums for artists such as Ed Keupper, The Triffids, Louis Tillet, and Damien Lovelock that received international acclaim.




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