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Amateur Hour, the brain-child of Melbourne’s favourite music nerd Laura Imbruglia, is a new half hour-ish, web based variety show bringing together a stellar cast of Australian bands, artists, performers, and straight up weirdos. Each episode will feature a selection of interviews, skits, curios and live music filmed in Melbourne’s most iconic bars and rehearsal spaces. This is a unique arts & culture show created by the artists of Australia. A quick scan over the star-studded trailer reveals appearances by artists as diverse as Sarah Blasko, punk rockers Batpiss, cartoonist Lluis Fuzzhound, writer Clementine Ford, artist Celeste Potter, cult comedian Neil Hamburger…and many more.

Laura has rounded up her favourite musicians, visual artists, actors and comedians and asked them to appear on, or contribute content for the show.

In addition to seeing musicians in the familiar role of performer and awkward interviewee, you’ll also see  them in different roles. Laura Jean hosts a cooking show. Ray Ahn (Hard-Ons) illustrates hilarious tour memoirs in real time. You can bet your ass it’ll be good.

The back-story of the show is also good. In late 2014, Laura posted on facebook that she was fed up with the lack of Australian variety shows and was going to make her own if anyone wanted to join her. To her surprise, she quickly amassed a crew of 30+ volunteers across many disciplines and 5 cities.  Together, this mix of students, professionals and yes, amateurs have made this beast. On zero budget. It’s no mean feat.

Gone are the days of watching your favourite band whittled down to just acoustic guitar and vocals, mixed terribly and interviewed by a morning television host who cares little about their craft. No longer will you scour cable tv, looking for a British or American comedy fix, cos Australian TV is simply not cutting the mustard. The Amateur Hour team are doing it and doing it properly.

EP 1 of the six-episode pilot season arrives Tuesday Sept 1 and each episode will air on a fortnightly basis. Watch the trailer at and subscribe to the channel to stay in the loop.

RELEASE: Arts & Culture Web show
TITLE: Amateur Hour
RELEASE DATE: Tues 1st Sept, 2015

TWITTER & INSTAGRAM: @amateurhourtv

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