Scene News: Adam Young, ex-Daisygrinders and Big Heavy Stuff, releases new album and tour dates

Having spent several years in successful indie rock acts such as the Daisygrinders and Big Heavy Stuff, Adam Young has had his songs covered by the likes of You Am I and The Lemonheads. This would be enough to make any musician retire happily.

But it is his solo work with which Adam will truly leave his mark. Elementary Carnival Blues features 10 tracks of real alternative country and we believe that it easily stands beside the best work from Wilco, the Jayhawks, Ryan Adams, Uncle Tupelo and other legends of the genre. But Adam hasn’t left his roots behind either. [pullquote]Imagine if Gram Parsons had fronted early REM or Steve Earle got together with Buffalo Tom. That’s the vibe that you get on this album.[/pullquote]

Guests on Elementary Carnival Blues include a who’s who of the Australian alt-country and alternative scenes, including Katie Brianna (who shares lead vocals on two tracks), Corinna Steel, Jeff Mercer (The Happening Thang), John Gauci (Leonardo’s Bride) and ARIA Award nominees, Emma Swift and Jason Walker.

The first single, The Queen Of The Plains landed in October 2015, scoring a wealth of airplay, which included being added to full national rotation on ABC Local Radio. And now it’s time to hear the album, the second single from which is Ghost Song.

Elementary Carnival Blues was released on Stanley Records through MGM on Friday, February 12th.

The Sydney album launch is taking place at the Marrickville Bowling Club on Saturday, March 19th. National launch dates will be announced soon.

Read our Q&A with Adam.