Scene News: Adalita, Mick Harvey & Andrew Duffield cover Michael Hutchence to raise funds for Australian artist Ollie Olsen

 ‘Roomsfor the Memory’ taken from the 1987 Australian cult film Dogs in Space, (directed by Richard Lowenstein), has been reworked to raise funds for the song’s composer Ollie Olsen.

Olsen penned the song around 1978, but it was INXS frontman Michael Hutchence who took it Top 10 nationally in January 1987. Olsen and Hutchence would later form the electronic pop outfit MAX Q in 1989.

Adalita, Mick Harvey and Andrew Duffield (Models) have reworked the classic song in a stunning tribute, recorded at Melbourne’s Sing Sing Studios in January this year. Renowned producer Nick Launay, who mixed both this version and the original, also took part, whilst filmmaker Richard Lowenstein filmed the entire day for the video release. Lowenstein directed the original ‘Rooms’ video and has interspersed old footage of Hutchence and Olsen into the modern day clip due for a digital release on Friday 16 June.

An extended format of ‘Rooms for the Memory 2023’ on vinyl, CD and available digitally will be released on Friday 14 July 2023 through DRW records, featuring Ollie’s ‘Win/Lose’ Dogs In Space originaland a reworked version by Eskimo Joe frontman Kav Temperley.

The song’s executive producer, Jane Gazzo says “‘Rooms for the Memory’ was well overdue for a rebirth. “It’s just a hauntingly brilliant and beautifully written song and when myself and a few of Ollie’s friends heard he was not well, we felt we needed to do something to help. Remarkably all the musicians, including Adalita and Mick Harvey – two of the country’s finest artists – were completely up to donating their time and had belief in the project. I think this is a stunning rework and I really hope the music industry and public get behind it and give it the new lease of life we know it deserves.”

Ollie Olsen is a well-known name in electronic and avant-garde music in Australia, having performed in various bands since the late 70s, including Whirlywirld, NO and Orchestra of Skin and Bone. He is perhaps best known for MAX Q – an outfit fronted by the late Michael Hutchence, which produced the Top 20 album of the same name.

In 2020, Ollie Olsen was diagnosed with Multiple System Atrophy (a form of Parkinson’s) and the Australian music industry has rallied around the composer to help raise funds for his ongoing medical expenses through a GoFundMe which to date has raised over 20K. Olsen’s condition sadly continues to deteriorate as there is currently no known cure for MSA.

On first hearing the newly recorded ‘Rooms for the Memory 2023’, Ollie was elated saying that all involved had captured the real essence of the song. He was moved to tears.


“It was a real honour and an absolute pleasure to be part of this recording,”says Adalita.

All funds raised from vinyl, CD and streaming sales will go directly to assisting Ollie and his ongoing care.

‘Rooms for the Memory’ featuring Adalita is available digitally Friday 16 June via MGM:

Rooms for the Memory 2023 is out Friday 14 July 2023

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Track Listing:

1. Rooms for the Memory – Adalita (2023) single edit

2. Rooms for the Memory – Michael Hutchence 2023 remix (1986)

3. Rooms for the Memory – Adalita (2023) full mix

4. Win/Lose – Kav Temperley (2023)

5. Win/Lose – Ollie Olsen – Dog In Space Version

6. Rooms for the Memory – Adalita (2023) Kraus mix

‘Rooms for the Memory 2023’ Personnel:

Adalita (Lead Vocals, Guitar)

Mick Harvey (lead guitar, bass and backing vocals)

Andrew Duffield (Keyboards & Programming)

Mat Watson (Drums)

Maddy Butler (Backing Vocals)

Recorded by Clinton Kraus, assisted by James Taplin

Mix Production by Nick Launay

Assistant Producers Mick Harvey & Andrew Duffield

Executive Producer Jane Gazzo

Release Coordinator Bruce Butler

Recorded at Sing Sing Studios

January 22 2023