Scene News: A letter from WOLF & CUB announcing their new single and video, Blue State

Photo by Jos Eastwood

Howdy! Long time no hear/speak/see; how’re you going navigating through the murky seas that we’re all currently trying to swim through?
Are you coping ok?
From COVID to Black lives Matter to the never ending threat of climate change, its definitely an unprecedented time in all our lives, and in light of such I’m guessing that hearing from us was the furthest thing from your mind..amiright?
Seriously though, we live in weird times and I’d be lying if i didn’t acknowledge that a part of me feels a bit conflicted about releasing new music in 2020; there’s something a little self serving and misguided in trying to drum up attention for a new W&C track given the general state of play the world over but perhaps now is as good a time as any…I know I could use the distraction, so hopefully we can offer you the same. So with that, I present to you our latest  brief distraction, ‘Blue State’.

Lyrically it’s about class appropriation and cultural divide. It’s a bit of a reflection on my own upbringing and privilege and is an examination of how much it still influences me as I get older. In true W&C fashion this song nearly ended up in the trash after the original version we recorded was lost forever, falling victim to a faulty hard drive. Wade (Bass Player/Producer) saw this as a sign that it wasn’t long for this world and therefore it should never be released as it was and soon lost any faith in it ever seeing the light of day.

Thankfully he had the good sense to let us rerecord it because had he not we’d have missed the opportunity to experience that glorious bass line that anchors the song so perfectly. This new version is significantly heavier and more in tune with the overall tone of the new album and whilst it was a pain to redo it ended up totally being worth the trouble. That heaviness by the way is solely attributed to our newest member and now drummer, Jonathan Boulet, of Party Dozen, Arse, Pleasure, and generally every great band in Australia-fame. 

Speaking of albums I should probably point out that this is in fact the first taste of our forthcoming fourth record, NIL which I’ll happily elaborate on later when the time is right..but for now rest assured this will be the start of more frequent communications that you’ll be receiving from W&C, so settle in with us on the road to NIL. 

We also bring to you the gift of a new film clip which has been expertly directed by our new brother, David Robinson-Smith which he produced with Office Dog Productions… it’s such a thing of a beauty and we couldn’t be happier with the way it’s turned out. Do yourself a favour and check that out immediately.

Please be advised there is a CONTENT WARNING as it contains scenes that some views may find disturbing. 
Artwork by Luke Byrne

Ok, that’s it for now, more news and album details to come but for now please go fourth and enjoy the fruits our labor…it’s all for you Damien, it’s all for you!

Hugs & Kisses, please stay safe and be excellent to each other.

We will speak soon, I promise.Joel, Wade, Brock, Jonox