Scene News: ‘Excellent Thursday’ Reintroduces the Long Lunch….With a Twist.


Now in its third year, Excellent Thursday, is spreading its wings and hosting a 100-person lunch on Thursday, 24 March 2016 at the iconic Eureka 89 to raise funds for TLC for Kids.

Helping to celebrate, acknowledge and inform others of the efforts that charities, their workers and volunteers do, Excellent Thursday is an Easter tradition that gives back to those who may not be able to enjoy it without assistance.

What started out as a yearly Rees Group Pty Ltd staff lunch the day before Good Friday has become an opportunity for the whole community to come together and enjoy a sumptuous feast all whilst raising funds for a nominated charity.

As part of the two course lunch this year, guests will be treated to a speech from TLC for Kids founder and 2014 Australian of the Year Local Hero, Tim Conolan. There will also be a chance to win some fabulous prizes!

“We saw Easter and the long weekend festivities as an opportunity to help those in need – we already had this yearly staff lunch with people willing to spend some cash and we thought why not use those funds to support a charity that’s been doing great things for the community.”

“We started calling the lunch Excellent Thursday and the idea just took off!” says Justin Mastores, Managing Director, Rees Group Pty Ltd.

Each year, Excellent Thursday acknowledges the exceptional work of a new charity with all funds raised from the event going towards the selected organisation.

In its first year, Excellent Thursday raised $5000 for The Smith Family’s Learning for Life program. By the second year, together with a consortium of two financial services businesses and networking groups, $7000 was raised for YGAP at Feast of Merit, a social enterprise run by YGAP.

This year, TLC for Kids is the chosen organisation. Headed by Tim Conolan, TLC for Kids focuses significant attention on catching those children who fall through the gaps, including sufferers of accidents, burns, abuse and rare illnesses. With rapid turnaround and no restrictive criteria, TLC for Kids strives to ensure that no child misses out.

“We’re delighted to have the support of Excellent Thursday. It’s such a great idea and we are glad to be the nominated charity this year especially when the initiative is taking such massive leaps forward,” says Tim Conolan, CEO and Founder, TLC for Kids.

Tickets to the lunch cost $150 with $10 from every ticket purchased going to TLC for Kids.

Those who can’t make it to the Excellent Thursday lunch in Melbourne at Eureka 89 or Brisbane are being encouraged to organise one of their own; raising money and showing their support for a charity that deserves to be recognised.

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