Scene News: LA. FAITHFULL announces new single and video ‘HEART BACK’

Colourful and unique, LA. Faithfull has today announced her new single Heart Back, a gut-wrenching pop smash with a clear, vulnerable message, available now.  This exciting newcomer has also released a raw, expressive video that conveys the truth behind the song through dance and visuals, and this effective clip has already racked up over 50,000 plays since its release.

Heart Back is raw, in every sense of the word.  Produced by the legends at M Squared Productions (NUSSY, Imogen Brough), and evocative of Amy Shark’s heavy, hip-hop inspired beats, Heart Back is some seriously fresh pop from LA. Faithfull, otherwise known as Lisa Anne Faithfull.  The chorus soars, with sharp, synth-laden production that nods towards Lorde’s renowned debut LP Pure Heroine, and Faithfull’s voice is the soft, reassuring comfort throughout.  The song was inspired by a difficult time in her life, as she reflects, “Heart Back is about the moment when you fall apart and realise that maybe no one will ever be able to put back together those tiny pieces of your heart that feel like they are lost when tragedy strikes.  I actually wrote the lyrics the night I found out my dad had prostate cancer…I was going through the motions of looking at my dad’s face when he had to tell us, and watching my mum’s reaction of pure fear – and then feeling that it will never be the same again…even when you have good days, you’re always worried about the next bit of bad news.”

The clip for Heart Back is stark; set in a grey, industrial landscape, yet manages to show that beauty can exist and thrive in any dark situation.  Faithfull stands alone, in this concrete space, surrounded by the lyrics of the song written in chalk across the walls.  A skillful dancer expressively moves through the space, interpreting the music in a way that words could never.  Speaking about the process of making the clip, Faithfull says, “The idea is that the white, concrete space represents the mind.  We spent hours covering the walls, pillars and floor with the lyrics of the song, which represents the feeling of anxiety – where you’re trapped in your mind going over and over your thoughts.  The dancing  represents the pain, and sometimes the dance is beautiful but that’s because I feel that sometimes pain isn’t ugly.  The camera angles and filming were the reason I asked the incredibly talented Connor Dalton (Slowly Slowly) to film it.  He’s one of my best friends and has a incredible eye for angles, and while some people might have all set shots and steady shots, instead for us the camera is constantly moving like a whirlwind, which is how this song feels in my head.”

With a tour set to be announced shortly, this thrilling indie pop artist cannot wait to show the world what she was born to do, saying “As a kid growing up with anxiety I was awkward, had almost no social skills and my mind would run 24/7.  But…put me onstage with a mic and it was like silence – no anxiety at all, and it just felt like home!  The stage is one of the only places my mind is still, calm and silent, and maybe that’s why I’m so drawn to being onstage!”

Heart Back is available now  BUY: HEART BACK



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