Scene News: The Sand Dollars Release long awaited EP ‘I Like The Look Of Your Sweater, Can I Have Your Number?’

The long awaited EP from Melbourne’s The Sand Dollars is finally here and they’ve left the best song till last with the chill out, RnB-groover, ‘LOVE DUST’ as the lead single.

‘I LIKE THE LOOK OF YOUR SWEATER, CAN I HAVE YOUR NUMBER?’ contains 5 tracks including 2016’s upbeat ‘Silence is Gold’, likened to the reverb drenched pop of The Last Of the Shadow Puppets and their Tarantino esque Chops’, which took one step further into the cinematic world while retaining all the indie hooks they’ve been known for. Opening track ‘No Cigaris like a chase scene through a busy market, while ‘I Need is a 60s crooner classic. All heavily salted with The Sand Dollars penchant for 60s reverb drenched twang.

However it’s the four pieces lead single ‘LOVE DUST’ where they have lifted the veil to display a vulnerable side, taking tempos down a notch and exploring smooth soundscapes that would make Mark Ronson jealous. Taking cues from Morcheeba, The Avalanches and even Sade you’re dropped deep into the ocean and led away by the call of sirens, thanks to accompanying vocals from Clare. Let the track take you away as the jazzy sax soothes your aching heart. True Live singer Ryan Ritchie brings his narration to the story and then you’re deep into the movie montage again, slowly drifting into the end credits. This track oozes cool and with the lush production, this smooth, RnB track is an incredible step up for the once indie guitar kids.

Produced by Nikita Miltiadou famed Tash Sultana’s producer who has achieved two singles in Triple J’s Hottest 100. The EP is both cheeky and endearing as the young guys have created a collection of songs about young love, loss and those moments in movies where you just want the stars to kiss! 

‘I LIKE THE LOOK OF YOUR SWEATER, CAN I HAVE YOUR NUMBER?’ will be available Friday 21st July I


“Guitars flutter with a sense of excitement while still maintaining a cool exterior” –HAPPY

“I like the surf/western influence on this one. I’m keen to hear where they take this sound.” – DOM ALESSIO 


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