Q&A Scene: Roger Price & Ola Milena ~ BLENDED GENERATIONS

Tell us about your upcoming EP and show?

“Hope Sweet” is a beautifully crafted, uplifting set of songs that will captivate audiences from a range of genres and generations.  Born of a collaboration between two individuals from completely different walks of life and separated by more than 40 years, it was recorded in the style of the ‘old school’ live in studio and straight to a classic tape machine.  It has a flavour of the ‘70s soul music as much as a fused taste of the world genre amongst many others.  The show will feature the full band the music was orchestrated for.  This includes piano, double bass, drums, a string and woodwind section and three singers.  It’s a very special instrumentation, that is very rarely heard in the Melbourne music scene. For all the lovers of jazz, soul, world music, poetry, and word, this gig is a must see. Ola will open the night with her solo project Little Petal, which focuses on the experience of the feeling of love.

What’s your favourite work at this point in time?

Ola: It’s hard to pick a favourite, but today I will say “Another Guise”.

Roger: I like “That Really Isn’t Me” because I think it most closely captures the feel of the songs of the great blues era.

Tell us a quick, in the studio or on-the-road anecdote.

Not an anecdote, but something very cool that we realized early in our work together, was that Ola and Roger’s late wife share a birthday.  Coming as it does from all 365 days in the year, we think that’s very special, especially as Roger’s relationship with Lyn was a significant inspiration for the project.

What, or who, inspires you to create?

Ola: Nature, people, relationships, my constantly evolving place in the web of everything that surrounds me.  The lessons I am presented with, the challenges I am faced with. The challenges of our global community – this is a big one for me right now.  Especially the state of our Mother Earth.

Roger: I’ve reached a point where I have become reflective about my life experiences.  My overwhelming sense is that the connection between people is fundamental to human existence.  Something innate, maybe spiritual, drew me to the medium of lyrics to express those feelings.

Which song do you wish you wrote?

Ola: “Joga” by Bjork – it’s currently my alarm in the morning – incredible tune in dedication to Mother Earth.

Roger: As a model for the blend of music and lyrics: “Desperado” by Glenn Frey and Don Henley; especially when sung by Linda Ronstadt.

What’s next for you?

Ola: With Blended Generations, the long awaited release of “Hope Sweet” and the creation of our second record.  For me personally, Summer festivals with my personal band, Senivoda and my solo project, Little Petal.

Roger: To see “Hope Sweet” delivered after a two year gestation will be wonderful.  (Although having worked professionally as a project manager, I’m used to having to steer through logistical mazes to arrive at a satisfying outcome.)  But I’m very keen to move ahead with our second collaborative project.

What’s your scene?

Ola: I move around the Melbourne scene like a camouflaged chameleon. From the Brunswick Vegan Mafia to the underground music matrix of soul, hip hop, poetry and world music scene, and the scene of conscious nature lovers interested in sustainable living and the manifestation of love.

Roger: Mine is a rich diversity covering a broad sweep of ages.  I am part of organisations where I work and enjoy friendships with, people aged in their 20s through to 90s; in community support, social and music settings.  Above all I’m blessed to have children and grandchildren who have an incredible tolerance for cheesy jokes.

Blended Generations announce their first studio EP, Hope Sweet, to be released on Friday 27th October as both CD and digital stream. Two years in the making, these six tracks of smooth soul vibe slip delightfully into the music scene.
Based on Roger Price’s poetic lyrics, Hope Sweet presents Life as an optimistic journey. The songs that comprise Hope Sweet are the product of an unlikely collaboration.  Following retirement from business, Roger Price was moved to write a series of lyrics reflecting an optimistic view of Life. Ola Milena’s carefully crafted music, her thoughtful orchestration and sympathetically selected instrumentation underpin the lyrics.
With a studio ensemble of ten talented local musicians backing Ola’s beautiful vocals, each song rises to impressive heights – making this EP a sensory and thought provoking experience not to be missed.
Blended Generations Hope Sweet EP Launch
Sunday, 26th November 2017

Dizzy’s Jazz Club, Richmond, Melbourne
Doors 6:00pm www.dizzys.com.au
Blended Generations release the Hope Sweet EP on Friday 27th October 2017 (via Ditto Music). 

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