Review Scene: Witchgrinder – Haunted

Have you ever wondered what vintage horror movies would sound like as thrash metal? Well wonder no more, because Melbourne’s home-grown Witchgrinder have answered that question. They debuted in 2013 with The Demon Calling, and now they’re back with Haunted and are spookier than ever.

The music is heavily influenced by classic horror films and villains, ranging from vampires, gorgons and even Freddy Krueger. The band has stuck with their usual sound, incorporating guttural growls and spine-chilling screams as the creatures of nightmares are brought to life.

The spooky source material is blended with the thrashing, creating eerily beautiful music out of the carnage. Haunted taps into the horror genre, getting the adrenaline pumping and the head banging. The grizzly lyrics and dark themes provide a downright awesome atmosphere that complements the aggressive and fast paced tempo.

Travis Everett’s haunting vocals grip the listener and draw them in close, with violent growls and screams punctuating the excellent guitar work of Ryan Potts whose solos are superb and heavy. Shane Turville’s percussion is powerful and potent that helps whip the listener into a frenzy while Walker Hell’s bass stalk the night and help create the rich and varied music.

The album is 40 minutes of heart pounding action, with plenty of variation between songs that stops them becoming repetitive. This album is an excellent follow up to their debut and even the track titles evoke that horror flick feel (The Butcher and Bloodlust to name a few). Haunted traps you in a nightmare, but one you don’t want to awaken from. Witchgrinder will leave you wanting more of their unique style of terror and thrash.

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