Review Scene: A Weekend in the Gardens, Botanical Gardens, Melbourne. 10th March 2017

After attending the first evening of Roundhouse Entertainment’s A Weekend in the Gardens on Friday night, it was clear that there remains no fans more loyal than those of John Farnham’s. Alongside Daryl Braithwaite and Ross Wilson, two of Melbourne’s own iconic music legends, Farnham headlined the inaugural event on Friday and entertained the entire crowd, who despite spanning generations, were unwavering in their love and admiration for him.

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The event is a new series of concerts held in the iconic Royal Botanic Gardens in Melbourne, and the opening night on Friday brought together everything Melbourne does best – good food, great music and a vivacious atmosphere from start to finish. The stunning backdrop of the illuminated gardens and the not too distant buzz of Melbourne’s beloved Moomba festival made for a simply beautiful evening, celebrating home-grown music in our beloved city and kick starting the Labour Day long weekend with pure entertainment.

From opening with the Queen anthem We Will Rock You, there was no lack of crowd- pleasing songs showcasing John’s iconic career. Hits included Farnham’s first solo song from 1968 Sadie the Cleaning Lady, the 1997 collaboration with Human Nature ‘Everytime you cry’ as well as several Aussie classics from Farnham’s cherished 80s albums Whispering Jack and Age of Reason.

Every single person in the crowd was singing along and having an absolute blast and this is perhaps one of the reasons why Farnham continues to perform in front of sell-out crowds all over Australia. He also still does so with a friendly energy, renowned professionalism and flawless vocals, showcased most notably in the acoustic ballad Burn for You.

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I don’t think there could have been a more perfect setting for this artist and vice versa. There was something really magical about hearing such iconic Australian music in one of the most beautiful outdoor locations in the city of Melbourne and I eagerly anticipate the next Weekend in the Garden’s event.