Review Scene: Totally 80’s – The Palais, St Kilda, 15th July 2016

Wa Wa Nee. Click to see the full gallery.

For those who grew up in the 80’s, the era is always viewed with nostalgia. Whilst people reminisce about the big hair and the clothes they used to wear, it’s most often the music that holds a special place in their hearts. For an unabashed 80’s music flashback, Totally 80’s fit the bill perfectly.

80’s Radio and TV personality Maynard (formerly Maynard F# Crabbs) was MC for the night, introducing each act and providing some amusing between act banter, resplendent in a befitting 80’s inspired shiny suit.

Men Without Hats open the show with lesser known song Pop Goes the World and the banal Safety Dance initiating an audience sing along that would continue until the show’s conclusion. Local contingent Real Life put in an impassioned performance of their 80’s stalwart hits Catch Me Im Falling and Send Me an Angel, whilst the solid house band’s keyboardist and Australia’s own Paul Gray of Wa Wa Nee fame, shows the punters he still has the moves when singing Stimulation and Sugarfree. By this stage audience members are upstanding and continue to dance and sing along to the hits of their old teen idols.

Stacey Q’s vocals are as stupendous as they were in her heyday, during HI-NRG numbers We Connect and Two of Hearts and Katrina Leskanich from Katrina and the Waves unleashes one of the most overplayed songs of the 80’s, Walking on Sunshine. It’s one of those songs you either love or hate, much like Katrina’s mullet. On the topic of hair, Limahl from Kajagoogoo fame, still has his, and whilst his 2016 version is not as outlandish as his 80’s duotone mullet, which he proudly shows us a poster of, asking the rhetorical question, “Who had big hair in the 80’s?” to big screams of yeah from the audience. Limahl’s performance of his hits Too Shy and Never Ending Story are lapped up by the crowd as is his homage to Duran Duran, Save A Prayer for helping Kajagoogoos’ ascent to fame.

Greek -American singer Paul Lekakis is joined by two dancers as he sings Boom Boom (Let’s Go Back to my Room), and whilst hair may have been order of the day for Limahl, for Lekakis, the emphasis is on being ripped, putting many of his contemporaries to shame and he unzips his flouro top.

Martika. Click to see the full gallery.
Martika. Click to see the full gallery.

New Wave proponents, Berlin kick off their hit filled set with No More Words and take us through a retrospective journey of their career with Dancing in Berlin, Take My Breath Away and ending with most screamed out request of the night Sex (I’m A). Berlin’s energy was boundless and saw Terri Nunn, walk into the aisles during Take My Breath Away, pleasing starstruck fans.

And whilst Berlin pull out all the stops to leave a lasting legacy, it’s a youthful looking Martika who surprises many with her stirring performance of Prince penned Love Thy Will Be Done which she dedicates to Prince, a powerful rendition of Carole King’s I Feel The Earth Move and her biggest hit Toy Soldiers, leaving the 80’s loving punters thoroughly entertained as their journey through the hits of the 1980’s comes to an end.

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