Review Scene: Thee Marshmallow Overcoat, Thornbury Theatre, 28th November 2020

What does it take to entertain a music starved Melbourne crowd recently released from a stringent lock down and aching for music? Well, whatever it takes Thee Marshmallow Overcoat has it. The band, three talented musos with a passion for 60s rock provide the perfect antidote to people aching for a long-awaited live music fix.

Thee Marshmallow Overcoat do 60s and they do it well! Their passion for the era and the rock genre is displayed on stage in a thumping show appreciated by all. Ashley Naylor, Davy Lane and Brett Wolfenden work well together, an outfit short on chat and big on skill. Happy times.

Putting together the set list must be a delight. The rich pickings from the 60s provides ample choice and variety. Obvious tunes like The Who’s I Can’t Explain and The Kinks You Really Got Me are interspersed with The Stooges I Wanna Be Your Dog and the thumping Rat Salad. Drummer Brett Wolfenden clearly displays his diversity playing the ebullient Black Sabbath classic after a perky A Little Help From My Friends; a percussion aficionado for sure.

Aussie bands aren’t forgotten with a tribute to The Masters Apprentices with Living in a Child’s Dream (and a remembrance of meeting Jim Keays before his demise in 2014) and Sorry an Easybeats standard.

Everything slows down with Hendrix’s Voodoo Child and the Yardbirds’ Heartful of Soul demonstrating that heterogeneity is not an issue with these boys. The homage to the guitar deities of the 60s is not lost on an audience probably injecting them intravenously during lock down. Who else but Jimmy and Jeff in tough times!

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Davy Lane highlights his vocals with Dylan’s Like a Rolling Stone and Prefab 4’s I Must Be In Love, along with Ash Naylor’s For Your Love, giving the original a run for its money.

Thee Marshmallow Overcoat works. If the boys want to give up their day jobs they can slip nicely into this line up and gig along to their hearts content. They loved it, and so did we.