Review Scene: Thee Marshmallow Overcoat, Brunswick Ballroom, 23rd May 2021

Thee Marshmallow Overcoat pic by Angie Valcanis
Thee Marshmallow Overcoat pic by Angie Valcanis

Ashley Naylor, Davey Lane and Brett Wolfenden came together to provide us with a Sunday sesh worth getting out of bed for. It took them a couple of songs to warm up, but once there had the audience eating out of their hands. The striking chords of Taxman preempted the announcement that the band were celebrating their “seven year” anniversary. This was aptly followed with the Masters Apprentices’ Living in a Child’s Dream then Waterloo Sunset, a first for the band on this Kink’s tune.

Even though it was hard to “get your freaking flag flying at ten to two” the boys rocked it out swapping instruments like 60s groupies. Brett had a go at Steve Winwood’s Keep On Running but was outclassed by Ash Naylor singing the Yardbirds For Your Love, a definite highlight.

Jet bassist Mark Wilson joined the band for a handful of songs including the Beatles’ With a Little Help from my Friends. It was here that Wolfie forewent the drums for lead singer whilst Lane took over the sticks. Come Together saw an awesome guitar solo by Davey Lane embraced by the audience and leaving us wondering what the Beatles might have done if they played this live. Wolfie came to the front again for Octopuses Garden, another Abbey Road treat.

Back from the break, Lane donned a hat and sang Cheese and Onions by the Rutles, then it was time for Hendrix. It was tight. It was majestic. It was Voodoo Child. Thank God for that song. What a masterpiece and “Ash fricking Naylor” nailed it. Davey entertained us with a convoluted intro to Cinnamon Girl and regaled us with the sexual politics of Neil Young and Crazy Horse. This segued into a thumping version of the Stooges I Wanna be your Dog which included a brief Rhiannon riff – channeling Lindsay Buckingham for a few seconds.

The boys finished off with 60s royalty, the Kinks and the Beatles and a heartfelt appreciation from Ash Naylor “thanks for coming out and sharing our Sunday with us”. Davey Lane, Ash Naylor and Brett Wolfenden decided on a brilliant concept seven years ago and have enriched us with their talent and their choices of song. May they be scissor kicking, Pete Townshend style, for many years to come.

Thee Marshmallow Overcoat pic by Angie Valcanis

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