Review Scene: Studio 666

If you enjoy an old school gory horror movie with a side of obscure (and not so obscure) musical jokes, you’ll love this movie. 

Grohl is obviously a veteran of the horror movie genre, overacting all over the place and generally having the time of his life. 

There are some fun nods to other classic horror movies including the Exorcist and Hellraiser, as well as Michael Jackson’s Thriller. You’ll see a couple of great musical cameos, including a famous singer popping in to say Hello. 

Of course, you can’t make a musical horror movie without mention of Jimmy Page & Led Zeppelin. Zeppelin’s recording of their 3rd album in Hadley Grange in Wales influencing the band to live in the mansion while recording the album.  

All of the band members were great. Pat Smear (guitar) delivered his lines with a combination of innocence and absurdity that made him the one to watch.  Rami Jaffee (keys) was slightly too real for his role (in a good way). 

This movie ticks all the schlocky horror movie boxes in 90 minutes. It’s fast, fun, gory and ridiculous. It’s destined to become a cult classic. All in all, a good night out. 

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