Review Scene: Regurgitator + The Fauves, Kingston City Hall, 8th April 2022

Photo: Mary Boukouvalas
Photo: Mary Boukouvalas

With the closure of live music venues, the Edgy in the ‘Tone and the Caravan Club (in Oakleigh), punters have been looking for a venue in the burbs to take its place. Judging by the number of Punters filling the confines of the vast space on the second floor, Kingston City Hall may be the new venue for locals, if live gigs can occur on a more regular basis. Regurgitator and The Fauves, respectively infuse their song writing with provocative, honest lyrics, a healthy dose of sarcasm and humour, both bands share a love of hardcore bands and whilst they are musically diverse, they complement each other in their refusal to conform to pop music norms. It was fitting to see them on the same bill tonight in the sleepy town of Moorabbin.

Stalwarts of the Independent Melbourne Music Scene, The Fauves open their show with “Long Load’ off second album Lazy Highways, their tongue in cheek lyrics about long haul truckdrivers, and catchy riffs enthral the throng, whilst smoke emanates from left of stage, enveloping the band in a rudimentary haze of smoke. Despite inadvertent feedback and technical issues with sound tonight, why they never made it big never ceases to perplex me?

“True Love Waits” follows in quick succession highlighting the Fauves’ unique sound and Coxy’s (Andrew Cox’s) distinct vocal style, flanked by The Doctor (Phil Leonard) on lead guitar, Doug (Adam Newey) on drums and Ted (Timothy Cleaver) on bass, it’s such a relief to see live music bank on stage in the flesh. Online gigs just don’t’ share the same immediacy and feeling. You can’t smell the brisket sizzling away on the grill in the food truck, nor feel the intense heat of the venue, and feel the energy from the band, online.

The Doctor casually mentions that “Ted has been coming off Covid and ‘other stuff’, and then talks about the Y2K impending doom of the millennium bug that never eventuated, before launching into “Give Up Your Day Job.” “I’d like to dedicate this to the Northcote Whiskey and Literature Club, “Self-Abuser” which is about wanking, which is the more appropriate term when it comes to the Northcote Whiskey and Literature Club,” exclaims the Doctor, he may or may not be referring to the Whiskey Bar and Bookstore that is situated in the Northern suburbs.

Regurgitator fire up the sonic intensity, by kicking off their set with “Blood and Spunk” inciting a mass sing along to the lyric Go Go Go Go Go Go. “Sucked a Lot of Cock to Get Where I am” sees the crowd dance with wild abandon and sing all the words to the song with gusto. Bassist Ben Ely professes his love of ganja before launching into “Bong in My Eye” and with each song, the number of punters dancing increases. Old chestnut, guitar driven “Blubber Boy” from debut album Tu Plang, is still inciting a mass sing along to the chorus in 2022, twenty-seven years after the single’s release, featuring impressive, pounding drumming by Peter Kostic. “I Like Your old Stuff Better than Your New Stuff” from Regurgitator’s second album, Unit is a foray into 80’s synth-pop music and the crowd eagerly lap up the nostalgia. Ben dedicates the show to Ken WestBig Day Outfounder, who died at 64 the day before. 

“Track 1” continues to incite copious dancing and mild moshing in the crowd, and the frenetic energy does not abate. “I Will Lick Your Arsehole” sees more singing in unison for the chorus, and “Everyday Formula” continues the good vibes in the crowd, despite the lack of air circulation. Yeomans finally finds his missing capo and launches into “Black Bugs” “a song about addiction,” featuring a Sabbath “Paranoid” riff near the song’s conclusion. Surprise guest Coco joins the band to sing “Best Friends Forever” nearly blowing up the speaker, with her voice, and in ode to Prince “The Song Formerly Known As” ends the show.

Photo: Mary Boukouvalas

Regurgitator and The Fauves, have lost none of the intensity and humour of their youth, both bands know how to pack a punch live on stage, with the ‘Gurge pipping the Fauves at the post tonight with their fast-paced songs inciting a mass dance and sing along, and all-round enjoyable time had by all. Punters and musicians alike grateful that live music is back on stage in the music venues where it should be.

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