Review Scene : Reclink Community Cup 2015 ; Feelin’ Kinda Sporty

Clear blue sunny skies,  hot pies, kids holding orange balloons, skydivers and healthy competition on the field were order of the day at this year’s Reclink Community Cup. Megahertz upset the Rockdog’s flawless five year winning streak, by taking out the cup, with raw determination.

Ally Spazzy by Mary Boukouvalas

Ally Spazzy’s Kiddyrock and the Cool Bananas,  provide pre-match entertainment, encouraging all the young ones and young at heart to “Jump like a monkey.” Melbourne local glam – pop rockers Pearls are rousing young and old with their latest infectious single “Big Shot,” and later Adalita, the formidable rock goddess who doesn’t mind the moniker, is slaying the throng of punters clasping stubby holders with her gritty rock ditties. “Blue Sky” is an appropriate choice based on the azure heavens, and a 21st birthday present from the weather gods, showcasing Adalita’s gutsy strong vocals and resonant guitar. “It’s good to be alive” says Adalita, to cheers of approval in the crowd. “Equations” is dedicated to Linda and young Charlie and Evie, who are invited on stage to dance.

Adalita and the crowd. Photo by Mandy Hall.

Cheerleaders for each team herald the arrival of the players by entering the field, waving their glittery pom poms  whilst screaming out their respective team names; “Megaheeerrtz ! Rockdaaawgs !” As each side enters the arena, the crowd roars and the players line up across the centre of the field.  On a makeshift stage on the centre of the oval, Paul and Dan Kelly, with backing vocal’s courtesy of Paul’s two daughters perform a cool rendition of this year’s theme song Dave Graney and the Coral Snakes ” Feelin’ Kinda Sporty.” Guest speaker, transport minister Anthony Albanese refers to Reclink’s mission of using music and art to build a better society and the honourable Martin Foley tosses the coin, which is won by the Rockdogs.

Paul & Dan Kelly. Photo by Mary Boukouvalas.

“Red headbands are the real winner today” exclaims commentator Leapin Larry L. More hilarious banter follows from Leapin Larry L and Tony Biggs who say rules on the field, don’t apply off the field; the girls can’t be tackled by the guys on the ground but it’s on for all when scrambling for drinks post game.  At quarter time, Rockdog Adam Yee limps around the perimeter with two first aiders either side, propping him up. Lets hope the the injury was a minor sprain rather than anything serious.

Half time respite is offered by The Public Opinion Afro Orchestra entertaining the crowd with their syncopated rhythms. The next half provides some jaw biting playing, tackles, marks, several goals and at the game’s conclusion the Megahertz claim sweet victory to the Rockdogs sad defeat.

The day culminates in some post match entertainment with Aussie rockers Graveyard Train performing a searing rendition of the iconic Skyhooks hit “Horror Movie.”

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Reclink and the disadvantaged individuals it supports, is the ultimate winner of the day, so to all the organisers punters, kids, dogs, volunteers, musicians, coaches and players who make the day possible, dig deep, donate, attend, play and show your support for the Reclink Community Cup in 2016.

Stay tuned for our gallery of the day!

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