Review Scene: Now You Die – War For The Sake of Peace

Now You Die embodies the spirit of Punk; Loud, Proud and wonderfully obscene just for the sake of it. Their debut album War For The Sake of Peace channels this energy and style directly into your eardrums at the maximum volume.

This Melbourne band made up of the very aptly named Dr. Rock (who channels a fair amount of Johnny Rotten in his vocals), Ray Unit and Bob who each bring together a unique sound. They do this by combining the old-school punk aesthetics, politics and emotion to the hard and heavy riffs of thrash metal. The album consequently is gritty and violent, but doesn’t sacrifice any of the fun involved.

The album has a mixture of songs and source material, quickly bouncing from topics like government control, to vomiting blood, and respecting women in return for fellatio. Now You Die has a delightfully cavalier attitude with their music, playing what they want because they can.

The band has been in the Melbourne punk scene for the last couple of years, releasing an EP in 2008 and going through multiple membership changes. Now that they’ve been able to stick together for an extended period, War For The Sake Of Peace is now able to reach the ears of the masses.

The album is quite short, clocking in at just 27 minutes of high octane punk action. Their songs are the usual two and a half minutes with very little filler and nary a dull moment. It’s in your face and turns up the pace music. Now You Die has created a quick blast of energetic punk for the fun of it, and they’ve achieved this goal.

Review by William Arnott

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